Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last week// in photos

Last Friday we celebrated Eli's birthday in kind of the most chaotic way possible. 
I stopped at the store after the gym to pick up birthday donuts so we could sing to Eli and let him blow out candles with Marshall home. The rest of the day was going to be crazy. He loved the birthday song and loved the (top) of the donut even more. 

After Marshall left for work, I ran around preparing the boys for our day out. We took off to spend the morning at the Macy's 8th floor display. We met up with my sister, Kyra and her kiddos, and my other sister, Kelly and my mom. Ezra was so excited to be with his cousins.

Ezra insisted on holding Grayson's hand whether or not Grayson wanted to or not. I love it but I do feel bad for Grayson a little bit. 

On Sunday, we celebrated Eli's Birthday with the whole family. 
My sisters made him the most adorable cake. 

I wish I was able to have spent more time with my sister when she was in town. Time just went way too fast. I thought I had taken time off to spend time with family but it just wasn't enough! Ezra is already planning our next family get together with them.