Monday, December 8, 2014

My Monday::my busy,crazy monday

My Monday started at approximately 4:32 am. Eli was awake calling me in repeating the infamous words of "I'm done" in which he meant, "I'm done sleeping......" Yea right kid. You are NOT done sleeping. I crept in quietly pulled him from his crib and forced him into my growing lap. I pinned him down in my arms and sang in a whisper the abc song and twinkle twinkle little star until he was calm enough to lay back down. I succeeded. 
I laid down again for next 20 minutes until my alarm went off so I could get to the gym before Marshall left for work.

I took a selfie on the leg extension machine. I do these until my legs burn and then I do them again. I freaking love this machine.

The boys were excited to see me when I got home. Marshall especially. I picked up from here. Breakfast, clean up, school time, monday chores..etc. I had a client for a cut right off the bat. The boys watched a show in the living room until my friend came with her boys.
The boys played and played all morning while I did Shannon's hair.
They had SO much fun! And I loved being able to catch up with her.

Her five year old son took this photo of us!

And I found a couple selfies from the boys on my phone today, too. 

After Shannon and her kiddos left, My sister, her kiddos and my mom came over. 
Ezra was in heaven. SO many friends and SO much fun. 
Grayson and Ezra pretended they were captain(s) america most of the afternoon. Eli napped for the afternoon and I did Kyra's hair.

I was so exhausted by the time I stepped out of the salon. And the looks on all the kids faces were pure exhaustion and the last thing I wanted to do was to make dinner. 
We packed up all the kids and went to Perkins. I mean, it was free slice of pie day! (I picked one up for Marshall since he missed out on dinner with us) 
The boys were wild and tired and we bribed them with quarters for the mini ninja toy machine to use their inside voices and to sit on their bottoms until we were ready to go. Of course, they lost their quarters and we were saying prayers to find them so we could all leave happy. Thank heavens, we found them! But when the boys were hoping for blue ninjas. and got orange and green, there were tantrums and tears and full on drag outs on the way to the car. It all settled once we were in the car, Ezra demanded that he wanted to throw away his orange ninja when we got home but I talked him out of it. The ninja ended up playing in the tub with him and he decided it wasn't so bad after all.

After baths, I got the boys in their jammies and set them up for our 8th day of our 25 days of Christ. You guys, this is my most favorite thing to do. I LOVE it. I feel closest to my savior this time of year and the boys love learning the real meaning of Christmas through the stories and scriptures of Christ. Please check it out and make it a tradition in your own family. It is beautiful.

Afterwards, the boys brushed their teeth and I laid them down. Both boys were asleep by 6:45. Marshall was home just past 7:15 and we caught up on our day and ate our free pies.
We are checking in early tonight.

It's going to be a wild week, I can feel it.

Have a good one!