Friday, January 2, 2015

Fun Facts Friday-- And a little bit of last weekend

Last Saturday, We packed our van with our very best friends, Sarah, Graham and Noah and traveled south to an agricultural farm. It was cold! But it was almost colder there. I was surprised at how well the kids did. I had to hand feed them popcorn to keep their minds off of how cold they were and because they had big mittens on, they could barely move their hands anyways. 
We saw lots of animals, coyotes, chickens, ducks, foxes, a mountain lion and more! Afterwards, we got some dinner together and it was a ton of fun. We also spent New Years eve together, and of course, no photos from the night. We were too busy feasting on ham and enjoying our time together. We have spent the last couple new years with them and it has almost become tradition. If we keep it up,it will be awesome to watch  Noah and the boys grow up together.

A couple Fun Facts: With too many photos.

I bought a can of spam this week and ate a can of spam this week.

My wedding ring got tight enough to scare me this week, so I replaced it with a cheapy, more comfortable ring.

We tried to do school time this week, but I couldn't get it together. I am on winter vacation, too.

The boys got walkie talkies for Christmas and we sometimes hear another kid on the same channel. It freaks me out every time. I swear they are haunted or something.

Sleeping is starting to get harder as my belly gets bigger. Marshall turns me on my side in the night- I love sleeping on my back, but know my left side is better. It is hard!

I love when the boys make each other laugh.

The check engine light in the van went off-- our van has been such a blessing and worked so well- we are waiting to hear what the damage is. I am a little worried.

I ordered the blog book for 2014. SO excited to get it and add it to the last 4 years. It is so fun to have these family yearbooks.

My laptop keeps trying to die- but also keeps coming back to life. It's a fighter.

The boys are still obsessed with Marshall, you'd think I would like this more, but it is almost harder. I have to work harder to impress them and distract them when Marshall is gone. It can be really exhausting!

Marshall has been so busy working in the basement and running back and forth from the hardware store that the boys are really missing him. Marshall left during nap time to run an errand and Ezra insisted on waiting up for him until he got back. Ezra fell asleep waiting in the window and I died inside when I found him like this.

Marshall promised the boys that he would take them outside to play when it got a bit warmer and they spent over an hour juts running/waddling around the backyard. It didn't seem like they did that much, but they were loving it. 
They knocked icicles down, threw snow in the air, made snow angels and pulled each other in the sled. 
I was really hoping to get the boys out on a real (little) hill and give them a push down so they could "really" go sledding- but maybe another day.
Marshall heads back to work on Monday. We are going to be sad! But it will be so good to get back to routine. 

Have a great weekend! (Enjoy some photos!)