Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

After Monday, this week went so fast that I thought all along I was taking photos and doing exciting things with the boys, but all along- we didn't do anything exciting. We mostly just recovered from colds (Hallelujah! Everyone is healthy again!) We kept Ezra home from preschool Tuesday because he slept in until 8AM! He hasn't slept passed 5:30 since... I don't even know when! And Since the car has a fresh battery and we've been able to get out of the house we visited Marshall at work this week for lunch (picnic in the car, as usual) I was hoping to take the boys to the Children's museum, but wasn't brave enough to take them on my own, but we ran some little errands and went to the library.

Ezra was standing on his tiptoes with his fingers clasped around themselves, squealing with excitement as we were the first ones in the library Wednesday afternoon and he noticed they had a full bin of fresh, never checked out superhero books, including Ninja turtles, batman, and spider mans. I watched the librarian smile and glance over as Ezra gleefully exclaimed, "I love to read, I am so excited to take these books home!" I held back my laughter and encouraged his joy. It was really funny. 
Here are a couple of the most random and funnest facts this week

It isn't unusual to walk in the house after being at the gym to the floor covered in cereal and pieces of buttered toast in random places of the house. (Eli even walked toward me after lunch today chomping on a waffle he found somewhere in the house. I knew I made him a waffle this morning, so it didn't worry me too much.He obviously didn't care where it came from or how old it was) Every single bin of toys toppled over and strewn across the rug is just expected to be found when Marshall is trying to get ready for work and the boys are in charge of themselves for a few minutes.  

On that note, this was week 2 of successfully living by my cleaning list. My house is spic and span people! Now, I just need to get organized. 

After a very messy pasta dinner, Ezra insisted on washing Eli. He rolled up his sleeves and put both hands on his hips. He was so happy to help.

Eli is in love with green smoothies. I am so happy he calls them "juice"- whatever you think, Eli.

I feel like the boys have the mot random assortment of toys in the bathtub- but maybe not afte rall. Although I have to say no to almost everything they do ask to bring in. Legos have been the most requested this week.

Ezra is always asking for new toys and he does NOT need anything. We are so blessed and grateful to have the things that we have and the boys enjoy them. But every once in a while Ezra will say he would like a new xyz. This year, I am putting my foot down on unnecessary purchases and especially "junk" for my kids. I have explained to Ezra that it's not Christmas or his birthday and that we don't normally get things unless it's a special occasion. So, instead, we look at the toys and take photos of what we would like and send them to Marshall. It brings Ezra just the right amount of joy for a little amount of time and then he is over it. 

Dinners stress me out. I love trying new recipes but I kind of dread planning meals and grocery shopping. Mostly since Eli is a little more objective to what he likes and with his allergies, but when pizza gets delivered, everyone is happy! We order pizzas with a couple slices, no cheese for Eli and he gets to excited to be able to eat "pizza" with us, even though its just crust and sauce.(He picks the toppings off if there are any-- rascal) He says "good stuff" over and over until we acknowledge him. 

I packed the boys up after dinner Thursday night and we visited Marshall at the pool. The boys LOVED watching the big boys swimming and loved walking next to Marshall on the pool deck. They were so proud of their Daddy at work.

I wish we had more exciting things to share this week- but this is our life lately. I am dying for some warmth and sunshine- and really, I wouldn't mind if the snow melted and Spring came. Just sayin'