Friday, January 16, 2015

//it's been quiet over here//FunFacts

"Pshhh pow!! Pshhh! Swish swish"... "Hurry! Hide! The bad monster is coming!" I come slowly down the hall and peer into the room where Ezra and Eli try hard to make themselves invisible to me. I pretend to sniff the room as a big monster would and stomp away like I didn't notice them. "The bad monsters gone! Let's go get him!" (I am most always a him and always the bad monster- I try not to be offended) 
Their little feet scatter and trip over themselves as they quickly make their way out the door over each other. Their matching capes blow behind them and their makeshift weapons in hand. I am not going to lie. When they both run at me armed like this, I am a little scared. I shield my unborn baby and my face just in case they can't stop or end up throwing something at me (even though we have a no throwing rule, it happens in the heat of the "battle") 

Besides the constant make believe fights against bad guys, things have been pretty quiet over here. 

Here are a couple updates from the last couple weeks.

-Marshall has been reminding me how much he misses the posts and wishes he knew what we were up to at home. This makes me feel guilty for not being able to keep up lately. But I am grateful he likes the posts.

- Because of the cold weather we have had, the van has been needing to be jumped quite often, which has left the boys and I stranded at home more than once. We are thinking it is time for a new battery.

- We got our 2014 edition of the blog printed and it came in the mail this week. We added it to the rest. I am so happy I do this every year.

- I don't have gestational diabetes. I failed the first test and had to go in for the 3 hour. I shouldn't have eaten a cupcake the night before the first test. I have no control.

- Elias had his annual allergy testing done. We learned that he is more allergic to peanuts and milk. He is also allergic to eggs, soy (mildly) almonds(mildly) and Dogs! Poor guy! We don't know what we are going to do with him. And Epi pens are a rip off! (Even with insurance)

- Ezra is excited to tell us what he dreamt about the night before. Sometimes I don't believe him, but lately I really have. Like, last night he told us that our house was filled with water and we were swimming around. I swear, I have had this dream before. 

-School time is still going great! This week we learned about the letter R. Ezra was pretty proud of his rainbow. He also wanted to learn about rain, and we learned about the water cycle. He will teach you all about how the water you bathe in is probably the same water dinosaurs drank. 

-I love when I find Ezra asleep. Especially when he wakes up and tells me he didn't know he was asleep, he was just cold and wanted to get warm. 

- You may notice that Eli wears a cape in almost every photo. That is because the minute he wakes up he asks for it and I have to distract him to take it off before bed. 

- I ordered a set of classic puffins books and not only are they beautiful, they are great. We are into Peter Pan right now and Ezra LOVES it. I love these classics.

- Ezra and Eli are both guilty of asking for the most ridiculous things and I love them enough to attempt to satisfy their requests...and then, I snap out of it and get ticked! So, they have heard a lot this week, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" needless to say... There had been many a fit thrown. And many a hungry morning because these stubborn little boys won't eat what has been placed in front of them. 

Here are some random photos from my phone from the last week. Enjoy!