Monday, January 26, 2015

My Monday (was crazy!)

I stayed home from church yesterday with both the boys because they still aren't 100% better from their colds. And I even got them to nap in the "big boy room" TOGETHER! At the same time!! 
Not only for nap time, but for night time, too! And they did GREAT! No jumping, no giggling, no talking until the sun came up. I almost think the transitioning Eli in when Ezra isn't feeling like himself was the best idea. He didn't have the strength to stay up and talk to Eli and Eli just gives up if Ezra isn't going to play back with him. 

Ezra was up quite a bit in the night and I felt like every time I looked into the baby monitor his eyes were glowing and staring directly back at me (I hate when that happens-freaks me out a little)

They were up together at 5 am. Just in time for me to get ready and out the door for the gym. I left the boys at home with Marshall and had a great work out before heading home to the chaos.

Marshall never leaves without kissing and the hugging the boys before heading out the door. I usually sit back because the boys feel incredibly neglected if he leaves without doing this. After leaving, Ezra asked me, " Does daddy always leave without kissing and hugging you?" I answered by saying. "well, I get lots of kisses and hugs from dad and it's okay that he gives you guys kisses and hugs before he leaves.", Ezra quickly said, " I'll give you a kiss and hug, mom" I am glad that Ezra never leaves me in the dust like his old man.:)

This morning we introduced the letter T. Today we learned about trains! It was great to pull the tracks out and play all morning. 

Today was a "wash the bedding" day and I am proud to say that this was accomplished! Even with everything else that came up. 

We played all morning-- until Eli decided to drive his train through my hair while the wheels were turning. That little train got so stuck in my hair, I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry- So, instead, I yelled for Ezra to run and grab my phone so I could take a photo. 
Such a classic mom of boys moment.

Ezra was patient and kind enough to unhook my hair slowly from the wheels. But they train still has hair tightly wound it's little wheels and later on today, as I moved my fingers through my hair- a clump got wound on my fingers. Awesome.

Marshall dropped the van off at the shop last night and I got a call around lunch time that the car was all set to go and the battery was replaced. Good as new! I figured I would take the boys on a walk after lunch since it was such a beautiful day.

When we first started out, I thought, "This is great! It's beautiful out!" and then I started having contactions and the stroller seemed harder and harder to push along the path. Ezra then started hanging his legs off the front dragging his weight. After asking him to hop off and walk beside me, he decided to then hang on to the side of the stroller and drag his body.... my neck was sweating from my scarf and I was huffing and puffing. I thought I was going to die. Marshall was trying to help me through the walk (via text messages) by giving me ideas of how to get Ezra to enjoy the walk- because it was obvious he didn't. (He was complaining about his ear hurting before leaving- I knew that wasn't good)
Marshall suggested to ask Ezra if the "paw patrol can help us get there faster" and Ezra's response was perfect,.. "Uhhh.. I don't think so." Like, nothing can help big ole' mom push this cart with us any faster. 
When we finally made it to the shop, I managed to hurdle my stroller through the entrance and was obviously winded from the walk. I kept saying out loud but under my heavy breath, "we made it.. we made it" and the owner of the shop, (who happens to go to our church- a great guy) says, " you know, it would probably be a lot easier to take the path all the way here."---- I just looked at him. "We DID take the path...." lol. NOT SO EASY! I was crying inside. 

When we made it home, Eli was asking for a nap. I laid him down- and then Ezra next. Ezra was still complaining about his ear- and I knew we would need to run into the minute clinic to get it checked out. The boys napped well- but now that they are in the same room, when one is up, so is the other.
I grabbed Eli and snuggled him on the couch- and then Ezra followed to lay on my legs. 

They both fell asleep again! That walk wore us all out! 

We were perfectly comfortable until I heard my dad at the door. He came over to help put up some window treatments that we have had for MONTHS and just haven't gotten around to hanging. 
He was able to do the kitchen, but when he attempted to hang the bathroom one- it was 4 inches too narrow. I was so annoyed. He agreed to coming back to hang one that fits.

I was grateful he was able to come and help, it's been hard to keep up with things around here without Marshall home. 

After he left, I gave the boys something quick to eat and Ezra was acting seriously miserable at this point. I threw their shoes on quickly and packed another snack and headed to the minute clinic up the road. 
Sure enough, Ezra is being treated for a sinus infection instead of and ear infection because he wouldn't let her look into his ear, but had all the symptoms of both. While we waited "patiently" for the pharmacy to get our prescription ready- Ezra cried a horrifying cry and sat on the floor in the corner and cried, all while Eli begged for stickers to be on him and then off him and then wanted a car from the shelf and then to be out of his stroller- all while other who waited watched on and probably felt bad for me or were glad they weren't me. I was more than happy to get out of there. And I am sure everyone else that was still there was, too. As I was Ezra strapping into his car seat, Eli was saying "oh no! oh no" and I turned my head to look to see why he was saying that, and his umbrella stroller was totally folding in on itself. His little body was scrunched in half! I needed the laugh at this point- this was hilarious and I am sure the car parked in front of us with their lights directly at us needed the laugh too. (Mom fail of the day #8675789796)

Once we were home, I bathed the boys, laid Eli down after prayers and then cared for Ezra. I tried to clean his ears, nasal sprayed him, gave him his medicine and rocked him and laid him on the couch. He really wanted a blessing from Marshall, so he tried to wait up for him but ended up falling asleep. When Marshall got home, he scooped Ezra up and laid him in his bed.

 I whipped up some cupcake batter for a church activity tomorrow night and had to go to a friends house to bake them in her oven. Thank heavens for friends with working ovens! 
I was able to sit and chat with her and her family and it was exactly how I needed to wrap up the day that I had. 

I so exhausted and so grateful tomorrow is not a gym day. I will be keeping Ezra home from preschool tomorrow, too. It will be nice to lay low. 

Hope you all have a great week!