Monday, January 19, 2015

//My Monday

Eli and I sent Marshall and Ezra off to church without us yesterday. Eli came down with the worlds worst cold over the weekend and we are keeping him in. We missed them when they were gone and when Eli woke up from his nap, he walked around the house calling, "Ezwa.... Ezwa!" I knew he was bored. But it makes me sad when he misses his brother.
(I love that I grabbed my camera as Marshall got Ezra dressed for church, You can tell Ezra is talking about something important here, too.)

I woke up sweating in the night, and I am pretty sure I was grabbing for my holster (Which, I might add, I don't actually have-- but in my dream I did! I was so cool) I dreamt that I was trapped in my house with my family and velociraptors kept showing up and chasing us, until I grabbed a gun and killed one and then woke up. I felt so hardcore until I heard Eli crying in the night waking us up. Poor guy. 

I was up at 5 this morning as usual, went to the gym, raced home to get ready for the day. I had these little cuties in for haircuts bright and early and I planned on spending the rest of the day in with the boys. I originally planned on taking the boys out somewhere but decided against it with Eli being miserable. 

We had school time, this morning we introduced the letter S and the boys were blown away with how many words start with the letter S. We decided to learn about snakes and we even made a paper snake but Ezra was disappointed that the one I had made didn't move all by itself. Eli enjoyed Scribbling.

Ezra wanted me to be in a picture and even though I didn't do my hair today, I agreed. We set up the camera and got a photo of all of us during our school time.

After school time, and lunch and play time we were all exhausted. I knew Eli was especially. I could see it in his eyes and he rolled around on the floor and when he got knocked down a couple times playing with Ezra he would just lay there. 

Eli and I laid down and I asked Ezra to come lay with me because I knew he was tired- but he wasn't interested. But he played great and quietly and made big mess doing so. Eli woke up after and hour and a half. Usually he naps for two hours, so I went in and rocked him (He never lets me do this anymore) and I watched his eyes flutter until he fell asleep again. I laid him in his bed and tiptoed out of his room. 

I was determined to tackle a project that was a long time over due. Our bedroom. Oh dear. This photo was taken at the point where I was thinking, " What did I start!?" I moved the bed and dresser to new spots, I washed our bedding. I swept and swiffered the floor. There was an entire dust bunny family living under our bed. And organized (my) clothes and also filled two garbage bags with clothes and purses. I didn't touch Marshalls-- thats a whole other project with His name on it. and it's a biggie.
I started at 2:30 and finished at 7:30- I'll post a completed photo Friday. I never knew how much my self worth relied on the cleanliness and order of our bedroom. My goodness, I feel like a new woman!  Although, a very sore and achy woman. I maybe over did it today. 
I told Marshall that now I feel like I can bring a baby home, because our house is getting clean! 

Eli finally woke up from his nap after 4 and I was so glad he woke up so happy. His eyes grew big when he looked at all that was different from when he was last awake.

We had a simple dinner and immediately did baths afterward. I let Ezra stand in the shower while I got Eli dressed and all I could hear was him giggling and saying, "I tickles so bad! I can't handle it!" And I couldn't help but laugh. He loved it.

We did our scripture video- a repeat from last night on the resurrection of Christ. Ezra loves the part when the angels roll and knock down the rock from the sepulcher, I, personally, love when Christ stands in front of Mary and speaks with her. We counted this as our Family Home Evening.

I was surprised I was able to get both boys in bed by 6:30. Ezra was so ready. He fell asleep immediately and Eli never fights it, but I felt like he just woke up from his nap. He laid right down, no problem. I finished folding my laundry and tidying up our room before crashing on the couch to wait for Marshall to come home.

When Marshall got home, I filled him in on all the funny things Ezra said, all the things I was able to get done and how Eli was feeling.

Marshall had a long weekend and a long day, we chatted over bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream before he started snoring on the couch.

We don't have much planned for the week ahead, just praying Eli knocks this cold out soon so we can go play!