Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

Have you ever been given a new set of eyes? Eyes that you needed to adjust where you were presently standing to see more clearly of what is actually happening around you? I was given a new pair of eyes this week. Eyes that were crisp, eyes that saw things that I needed to see, eyes that woke my old eyes up from the blurry and cloudy vision that I have been looking through for too long. And I am so grateful to have been able to see things this week. I found myself even more grateful and humbled to have been given the chance to see with a clearer look into the world that surrounds me. I know that my Heavenly Father was giving me a glimpse into the homes and lives of people that I love dearly to show me how much he loves me. Words can't even express the gratitude that I have exploding in my heart for that.

This week has gone fast-- along with all the rest. Here are a couple fun facts to start your weekend.

- I double booked myself with hair appointments the other night by accident,-- classic pregnancy brain in action. Major whoopsies. I am so glad people are forgiving. I felt terrible!

-A couple years ago, when Ezra first started getting time outs, I mentioned to my mom that I could really use a timer that "dinged" and she came to me with this chicken timer. "Eh... mom.... a chicken?" I took it from her as graciously as I could, knowing it wasn't what I exactly had in mind. It just wasn't my style... I wanted something a little cuter. But little did I know that this little chicken timer would be the savior to our time outs, sharing teaching moments, times up for playtime, time for baths, time until we go outside, time until we go inside, time for bed,times until we leave....etc. I may have a tendency to overuse it. There is something about this little chicken ding that reminds my kids what I have told them before setting it. This little chicken timer has saved me from nagging my children, to "HURRY UP! DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID....?" times. It's a magical little chicken timer.

- We learned as much as we could about the letter U- although, I struggled hard with this one.The letter U is hard!  So, instead I overused the word, "UNBELIEVABLE" this week. In the most positive ways I knew how. We practiced writing our letters in pans of flour. This was a hit! And also a pretty easy mess to clean up.

- Still doing my cleaning list, the boys are loving it, too! Ezra and Eli have been outstanding little helpers. Cleaning the windows is their favorite job.

- Craving Benihana.

- The boys decorated the window with hearts for Valentines day, both asked me to help them write their names and "rescue bots" or "bots"- on Eli's

- Doctors appoinment went great. Baby is measuring perfectly and cervix is long and closed (like you needed to know) I am getting nervous about this delivery. I wish I knew when he was coming so I could be more prepared, but there is no way to know or to prepare except for regular doctor's appointments. I am so grateful to be in such good hands.

-I LOVE when Ezra reads (makes up stories with the pictures in the book) to Eli. They are the best stories.

-I was able to move Eli's clothes into the "big boy" room this week and the baby clothes into the baby room and I absolutely DIED when I pulled a little preemie sized outfit out of the box! It is SO little! I wanted to cry! How have my boys gotten SO big so fast! Even Ezra fake cried, " Oh my gosh!!! It's SOOOO LITTLE!" he said. I have a feeling he was mocking me.

-We signed Ezra up for a Saturday soccer camp for the spring. We did this last year- but I think he may be more ready this time around.

- I was stuck in the snowstorm on Tuesday and I am convinced the only reason why we made it home alive is because I was literally praying while white knuckling the steering wheel the entire drive home. I hate driving in the snow. I don't think I have been on the freeway where I am in traffic, pressing on the gas and my wheels are spinning. Scary! Especially while my boys are asleep in the back.

-Everyone looks so fit and skinny to me.

-I am pretty sure Ezra needs tubes in his ears. He has had 4 ear infections since August. I will be calling his pediatrician about it first thing next week.

-I love when I catch Ezra taking care of Eli. (maybe you noticed in the photo above that they are wearing their shoes in the house-- it's their new thing. They think it makes them extra fast. As long as the shoes/boots are clean on the bottom it's okay.)

Looking forward to the weekend. I am so excited to see our good friends tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

Where's Ezra?