Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun facts friday::

As I quietly tried to get dressed to go to the gym, the bathroom door was pushed open and Ezra's raspy voice declared he needed to go potty. As he made his way passed me he laughed a smug laugh for a four year old and said, "you're not gonna fit that." I stood there holding my tiny gym shirt in my hands and knew he was right. My undershirt I was changing out of was rolled up over my belly and I looked like Gus Gus from Cinderella. He then said, "your belly is so big" I glanced at myself in the mirror and agreed, thanking him for reminding me. My belly is getting bigger, but I'm still feeling great. This pregnancy has been so different than my last two. I am not sure if it is because I have been working out or because now I am a seasoned pregnant woman, but I am so grateful. I do feel stronger and able to carry the baby much easier this time.

Here are some fun facts this week

I called Marshall at work this week in kind of a panic asking if he knew of anywhere where I could drive thru to get a donut. (I was out with the kids and didn't want to haul them into another store in the cold) There is NO where! No more krispy kremes, No dunkindonuts. I wanted to cry.
I can't tell enough people about my weekly cleaning list. I hope to convert everyone I know to it. It has made my life so much easier. And as I mentioned to a friend earlier this week, I didn't realize how much of my self worth laid in the cleanliness of my home.

With baby coming soon, we have been pulling out baby photos of the boys, and baby dolls to practice being gentle. Ezra loves to ask questions and see photos from when he was born.

I love our daily quiet time. Ezra has been so good about being quiet while Eli and I take naps. He can most often be found playing legos.

We learned about the letter V this week. Our favorite day was volcano day. We learned about what volcanos are, how they erupt, where they are and then we made our own! Ezra and Eli have been asking to do this everyday since. It was a lot of fun.

Marshall and I are considering taking all the boys (including a week old baby) on a road trip to Utah in may for Marshall's sisters wedding. I think it would be so fun but traveling with three boys under 4 is making me feel all sorts of anxiety.

I spent too much of time taping up library books that were completely destroyed from Eli this week.

Swim season is just a couple weeks from being finished! I don't even remember what it is like to have Marshall home for dinner during the week, but I am absolutely looking forward to it.

I've been getting a lot more smiles at people when I am out in public. Especially at the gym. I think its my belly. It must be funny.

Ezra had his very first Valentine's party this week and had a blast! And driving through the snowstorm there and back twice, wore Eli out to the core.

The ultrasound tech that I had last said the worst things she could say to an expectant mom of her third boy. I've considered writing a letter.

Eli has a cold Again! When will spring be here so I can open the windows and get some fresh air in here. That poor boy can't seem to catch a break and I am tired of all the boogers!

So grateful for when my mom comes over to help me out with the boys while I take clients.

Ezra has been wanting Eli connected to his hip hip at all times lately. Its adorable, but I'm thinking Eli needs his space every now and then, even at dinner.

Eli announced during dinner that he had a 'poop' he's never said this before, so I asked him if he wanted to try go poop in the potty and he said "yes, poop on potty" I grabbed him and put him on the potty, Ezra followed and showed him how he goes potty. Eli went potty on the potty chair again! Agh! He's so ready to be potty trained, but I am not! I can't wrap my head around training him with this baby coming, Eli seems so little still! I'll still put him on every once in a while, but I don't think we will fully commit until summer time.

Valentine's day is tomorrow and I dropped Marshall an unashamed hint that I would like the Dairy Queen heart shaped ice cream cake for 2 with the free rose that has been advertised on their marquee that I drive past everyday. I mean, can you blame me!? I hope you have a wonderful and lovely weekend with the people you love!