Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

It has been too cold to leave the house this week- so we didn't. I think it is safe to say that we have stayed indoors most of this winter. And I plan on it until the birds are singing and the snow is gone. It's just too much work for me to bundle myself and the boys and run around. I do anything I can to avoid it at all costs.

Here are some fun facts:

- I hate cutting onions. If I could buy them pre-cut, I would. 

-I am always encouraging Ezra to solve his own problems. When one of our books on cd started skipping, I asked him what he thought he could do to fix the problem, he said, "I know! We can put another cd on top of this cd and press play" I said, "Go ahead and try it." and you guys! It solved the problem! I was like.."Whaaaaaa?!" who would have thought? 

- My doctor told me to "lay low" and "drink lots of water" since I have been having many contractions, and given my history, I think this was her way of unofficially trying to put me on bed rest. Nice try,Doc! I am the worst! I laid around most of the first day after my appointment but lost my mind looking at all the things I needed/could have been getting done and couldn't take it anymore. I rest every half hour or so.... 

- Eli LOVES books. and usually it is the same book Over and Over again. He will stand right next to you and yell, "READ IT" over and over again until you agree.

-Eli pooped in the tub this week. Of course it happened to be on one of the longest days ever and the one night he wanted to bring the most coveted toys into the tub. I thought my night was almost done.... and then I had to sterilize Hulk and lego pieces and other favorite toys. I gave up and threw some of them away.

- Tuesdays are usually the one day we get out of the house lately. This tuesday, since Eli still had a runny nose and cough, I kept him from his usual super fun play date and had my sister take him while I had my doctors appointment. We had lunch and wasted time to keep him busy while we waited to pick up Ezra from preschool.  

-We have been pulling out all sorts of fun games this week. We played "magical pillows" Think magical chairs, but with pillows..  It is a blast! And the boys were more than ready for bed from running so hard!

-This week, the boys have been EXCEPTIONALLY wild before bed time so I started doing something unusually crunchy for me. I turned off all the lights and played nature sounds and asked them to lay down on the floor and we wiggled our toes and fingers and pretended we were trees or the waves in the beach, or whales under the sea. You guys! Why didn't I do this before! The first night, my hair was pulled, and I thought for sure I got a black eye from being punched in the face, but the boys have been requesting to do it since and it really works to settle them down for the night and frankly, at the end of the night, all I want to do is lay down on the floor in the dark and pretend I am on the beach. 

-I always forget how much the boys love tacos until I make them. Eli pounded down 3 and Ezra ate two and they have been asking for them since. Dinners have been so successful lately(knock on wood) , I think it helps that I have them working around the house and exercising their little bodies before their meals. ;)

I love haircut weeks over here. This is the very first time that I have asked Ezra to smile for a photo and he actually LOOKED at the camera AND SMILED! I couldn't stop laughing, I didn't think that I would actually be able to capture this super cheesy smile in time!
But here are Ezra and Eli's before and afters.

Eli can't possibly sit still for a haircut AND a photo. It's just too much to ask of him.

-We pulled out some board games this week too. This always seems like a good idea at the time.... but then there are tears and missing pieces and someone is playing wrong.....etc. etc. etc.

My sister took a photo of me while we were out on Tuesday, I had to share it, even though I look huge. I don't have many/any candid photos of me on the blog. 

The boys have been missing Marshall a LOT lately, so we skyped him while he was driving to the pool and he told Eli a story by heart over the phone. Eli loved it. And I could tell Marshall loved it, too.

We are looking forward to the weekend over here. I hope you have a great one!