Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Facts Friday

This week-- So happy this week is wrapping up and we can keep moving forward. I am getting antsy and impatient for warmer days and baby's arrival. This baby (shouldn't be) but could be here in 3 weeks and I need to get a little more ready. We still don't have a car seat, the basement is far from ready, my bag isn't packed and I just remembered we have a few more things to pick up so we are completely ready. My boys need to run- I almost need to just take them to my church gym and run laps, I wish I could join them, I sometimes feel like I need to run off some steam, too.

Here are some Fun Facts this week.

-I am convinced my kids purposely throw things on the floor just to hear the sounds I make while bending over to pick them up.

- Still living by my cleaning list, even if it gets done at the end of the night or the next day I double up.

- Eli loves to jump in the piles of laundry.

-The boys have bonding moments.

-Eli follows after his big brothers footsteps. He lowers his eye brows and clenches his fists and makes super stances all over the place.

-We focused on the letter X this week, so we made X's with our bodies. 

-Eli loves sitting in the sunshine just as much as I do. I purposely sit directly in the sun when I can, even if I can't open my eyes. I love the heat on my face.

 -I've been as good as I can be about laying low this week, The boys are like little kittens, they are immediately ALL OVER ME as soon as I lay down. Either in my face or crawling and pawing all over and it has been driving me nuts. The only way I can get them away and off is to put a show on for them, which I try hard NOT to do. I try to save their shows for my hair appointments only. But, somethings have had to give lately.

-These Robin Eggs...... all I want to eat, are these Robin Eggs. I have already said to myself that these will be put on the grocery list every week until I am sick of them. My poor body. My poor teeth-- but they make me so happy. Easter candy is my all time favorite.

-Sometimes I forget to take Eli's glasses off for his naps. Whoops. And this week, I had to wake him up so we could go pick up Ezra from Preschool and I hated it. I hate waking my kids from their naps. I think it is the meanest things to do. Because I absolutely hate being woken up from my naps.

-When the fresh bedding is on the beds, it's a guarantee the boys will be the first to snuggle and break in the crisp bedding.

-Car washes stress the boys out- I mean, I should have wrote down all the hilarious vocal emotions that came from Ezra while we waited (patiently for 45 minutes) in line to get through. He was excited, and freaked, then scared, then sobbing, then panicking, then giggling.... I was exhausted by the time we were dry and exiting the car wash.

- Coming up on 32 weeks, everybody! And I can't even contain my excitement anymore. I keep daydreaming of this little boys face and his name, oh! He needs a name! I hope he comes with it stamped on his forehead.  But I can't wait to smell his smell and kiss his head and pat his little bottom. And especially to bring him home to our nest.

-I love when my mom comes over to help me out, even if it just for a quick visit, I appreciate her presence and sweet spirit in our home and I know the boys love it, too. We had a special day this week where both my mom and Marshall's mom were here on the same day, the boys loved it!

- It's always fun when Ezra makes an "ancient temple for his army guys" but when Eli want's to "Touch it" or get close, it is a total catastrophe. Ezra loses his mind in anxiety if Eli knocks it down or gets too close. Makes me lose my mind, too. There is a lot of counting to 3's, heavy breathing in and out's and prayers to get through it. 

-And sometimes, Ezra takes "time outs" into his own hands. He gave Eli a time out. And did it exactly correct, step by step. I was laughing and crying inside. 

I will be attending a homeschooling symposium tomorrow and I am really looking forward to hearing all the good information presented. I always feel so good about homeschooling when I leave things like this, but then quickly get snapped back into the reality of our real lives and remember that this could be a hard road to travel. We still have a year and a half to pray and prepare for kindergarten, so I will keep on doing that.

Have a great weekend!