Monday, February 2, 2015

My Monday:

I woke up from the deepest sleep I have had in a long time. My eyes were shut for so many hours in a row that when I tried to open them, I literally couldn't see straight. I really, and I mean really didn't want to go to the gym. I knew my boys would sleep in later this morning just judging how I slept and the fact that they weren't already awake. But I did it. I woke up, immediately started my car since I knew it would be a frigid morning and got dressed and left. I was unusually uncomfortable this morning. I think the baby was sitting weird or something, but I almost felt like I could go into labor. It was freaking me out a little, so I walked the treadmill and did some light exercises. I waddled my way around the gym floor and waddled my way out and home. The house was as it usually is when I get home, toys everywhere, cereal....everywhere.... but I didn't have the energy to care.

We had some breakfast, said our goodbyes to Marshall, and I even got a kiss goodbye this morning! 

The boys minds were active this morning. Capes were on, batman shirts were on, I made the mistake of asking who the real batman was, they both said they were...) and train tracks in their waist bands that instantly became swords and ropes.

After Marshall left and breakfast was finished, I stripped the beds and started the wash. Mondays are now bed linen day! I vacuumed all the cereal off the floors that literally trailed from one room to the next and washed all the dishes. I never got around to switching our calendar for school time and had the boys help me (Don't pay too close attention to what day presidents day is by our board- it is actually 2/16- not 2/9- whoops.)

We introduced the letter U this morning. I love how excited the boys get about a new month, a new day and a new letter! We drew the letter U in the air and used all sorts of words with U in them. We even talked about the sUn and how beaUtiful is shined through our windows and how we couldn't wait for sUmmer. But sounds like we have 6 more weeks of winter, thanks Puxsutawney Phil.

After all the cleaning and energy it took to do school time with the boys, I had to put my feet up for a bit to rest my body from moving so my body could relax and it definitely helped, I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take it easy. It's hard when in my mind I feel totally up for it. But it's best to listen to my body.

Eli helped me put the bedding back on the beds after lunch time and he sat quietly looking at books on or near Ezra's bed while Ezra played legos (all day- not kidding) quietly in the other room. 

I was so ready to lay down for a nap and I knew after all the books Eli was flipping through, he was ready too. I asked Ezra if he wanted to lay down and he politely declined. "I'll just play legos, mom" and he did- and every 20 minutes he stood by the side of the bed showing me what he created with his legos and told me that he was going to put it in the bathtub basket so he could play with it at bath time. He was building and hoarding them all afternoon.

After naps, we had snacks and Ezra marveled at himself and hulk and captain america and how they were climbing up our chairs trying to get to the table. His mind was constantly creating today- I don't think he ever let it rest. 

We had breakfast for dinner. I made pancakes (and panicked when I realized we were out of pancake mix and thanks to pinterest and Martha Stewart, was able to whip some homemade batter up on the fly) eggs, bacon and fresh strawberries. I made faces our of the pancakes, bacon and strawberries and the boys ate it up. (Not kidding!) They loved it. Success! I was so happy that dinner wasn't a battle tonight.

After dinner the moon sat just above our neighbors trees and the boys loved it! They sat in the window for a while ooohing and awwwwing over the brightness and whiteness of it.

They spun in circles until they were falling into the walls and ran around while I cleaned up the dinner mess before baths and the minute I yelled, "Bath time" they stormed to the tub. Ezra couldn't get in fast enough to play with his guys that he had prepared all day. I was worried that I would never get him out, but the water got too cold and he had no other choice.

Eli requested Pinocchio tonight and Ezra pushed him over on the chair to sit next to him. It took Eli a minute to warm up to that idea, but was happy once I started reading.

Ezra was happy about it.

We read stories, read scriptures, brushed teeth and sang songs. They boys were out cold by 6:40pm. I didn't hear a peep from their room. I have mentioned that having Eli in (originally) Ezra's room has gone great, right? It has been such a great transition, I even think they are getting along better and being more considerate to one another. (Knock on wood) It seriously could not have gone better. I was expecting months of transition and no sleep. Thank heavens for this.

February is here and it will gone before we know it.
I am finding the busier I keep myself with chores and with the boys, I barely have the chance to think of the passing time- it just happens. I am getting so excited to draw closer and closer to meeting our little baby! I can't believe it is coming up so quick. 

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am so excited to get another peek in to see how he is doing.

Have a great week!