Monday, February 16, 2015

My Monday

I overslept.
I heard my alarm, tossed my floppy arm over my body and smacked my alarm and when I pried my crusty eye open to check the time, it was far too late to make it to the gym. I haven't done that in a long time! I was mad at myself-- I knew I would drag for the rest of the day because I didn't go. It was 5:35 and the boys were still asleep- this never happens! So, I stayed in bed until Marshall got in the shower and made my way to the kitchen to scrounged for breakfast. We didn't make it to the grocery store on Saturday and when this doesn't happen, we have to get really creative on what we have to eat- we are pretty routine over here. A lot of sun butter and honey sandwiches ;)

We said prayers with Marshall before he left and began our day.
When trying to get Eli dressed, he found my stack of hats and ran off giggling...

I stripped the beds of the linens as our new Monday routine, cleaned up breakfast and prepared our school board for the new letter, W. Ezra requested learning about the Water Cycle again, so we did- until he said he was done-  I am sure we will review it again later this week per his request. For some reason, the water cycle interests him.

Since there was no school or work(for some), I had a busy morning of hair appointments, but they were spaced well enough  (on purpose) to where the boys barely noticed. I set them up with a movie and snacks and this occupied them while I slipped into the salon. In between appointments, I forced the boys to play with me.

After lunch, we had quiet time/nap time and every once in a while, I would wake up with Ezra breathing in my face asking me if I was still sleeping....."uhhhhh." It was hard for me to be sweet to him, I have to catch myself from taking my entire hand and putting it over his face and pushing it out of my sight and telling him to go away. Instead, I rolled over and groaned.  He scampered off and continued talking (loudly) to himself and his legos.

When I couldn't sleep anymore, I woke up and laid there with Ezra and kept shushing him until Eli woke up. We had snacks and I debated whether or not I wanted to run to the library to return books and go to the grocery store with the boys. I decided against it. I didn't have the energy- besides, the snow was putting me off. Instead, I renewed our books online- and got side tracked and also registered at the hospital so they have my info when I waddle in to have this baby. I was happy to check this off the list of things to do before he comes.

I folded a load of laundry while I watched the boys get crazy with the train tracks. Their imaginations were in full swing and frankly, I was impressed that Ezra even came up with this. I wonder where he even got the idea to shackle himself with the tracks. Eli took advantage of Ezra being "tied down" and it was funny to watch.

Time came around for me to start dinner, I stepped over Ezra and Eli's mess of tracks and trains, capes and gloves, and their little world and reminded Ezra to go potty before it was too late. He has been telling me lately that he doesn't like to go- because he has to stop what he is doing. He doesn't like to do that sometimes.- I get it! Sometimes, especially in my third trimester, I wish I had a catheter. Anyways, as I was browning the turkey for spaghetti, and the water was boiling on the stove, Eli pulled one of our dining chairs onto his big toe. He was weeping and wailing and then in a matter of seconds Ezra is yelling at me that he wasn't fast enough and peed his pants, But NOT on his gloves and his cape that he was wearing.

........................... So... Do I help Eli or do I help Ezra.. OR do I stand in the kitchen and cry while they cry?

I picked up the chair that fell on Eli's toe. And picked up Eli. Kind of consoling him, but more like sitting him on the couch and telling him he will be ok while I watched the water boil over on the stove and as Ezra was scream crying about his wet leg and pants. Then, I walked into the bathroom, reminded Ezra that this was a great example of why he needs to stop and listen to his body when he needs to go potty so he can get to the bathroom in time. He didn't want to hear it. I walked slowly and annoyed to his room, grabbed some fresh clothes and underwear and threw it on the floor in the bathroom. "You are a big boy, clean yourself up." is all I said, am I being harsh, I wondered? I barely cared. These boys were killing me and I needed to get back to dinner.

Eli continued to walk around whimpering and saying owie, owie and pointing to his toe, so I strapped him into his chair for dinner to take his mind of it. I realized it had been a few minutes since I had seen Ezra and went to check on him. I found him dancing in the bathroom with just his underwear on backwards smiling from ear to ear. when I asked what he was doing, he responded, "I like these underwears!" I asked him if he knew they were on backwards and he said," I like them like this!" and continued spinning around. "Get your clothes on, Ezra! It's time for dinner!" and I scooped dinner onto their plates and set the table.

We had a nice dinner, the boys were so happy to have spaghetti tonight, Since we were out of fresh fruit and spinach, I made them a smoothie with water and frozen fruit and Ezra convinced Eli it was ice cream-If I knew they were going to think they were eating dessert with dinner, I wouldn't have put it with their dinner. I ended up having to take it away from Eli because he wouldn't eat his meal.

I was so tired at this point. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while they finished their dinners and then I plopped them in the tub for baths. Afterwards, to calm down before bed, we watched a couple bible videos on the mormon channel on youtube and counted this as our family home evening. It was good, though. Ezra had a lot of questions about Moses and what he saw and experienced.

The boys raced to brush their teeth and then we said prayers and tucked them in. The boys didn't even make a sound after I walked out. They will sleep well tonight. We will all sleep well tonight.

Here is too another week!
I have my 30 week check up tomorrow- but really nothing else too exciting to look forward to.

Have a great week!