Friday, March 20, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:: a short one.

I didn't think I would ever snap out of my grumpy fit I had this week (But, thank heavens I did!) If there was a trophy for the grumpiest pregnant mother, I would be waving that trophy high above my head. I was the worst. But my hormones are truly getting the best of me.

Here are a couple fun facts:

- (speaking of grumpy---) Am I the only one who HATES it when nurses try to talk to you about birth control while you are still pregnant or JUST had a baby? I feel like, especially being as far along as I am through my pregnancy that all I can do is marvel at life- and imagine bringing a little life into the world and to hold that little life that I help create in my arms, and for someone to ask me if I have "thought about birth control"? "uhh NO!" That is the farthest thing from my mind. Besides, I am a responsible, grown married woman- with a family and the capacity and capability to add more children to my family if I so please to do so, when I please to do so--- so basically, back off.  (Rant over)

-Eli's back to his old self and I think it is safe to say that everyone is healthy over here. Ezra gets achy ears once in a while and complained about his ears this morning, but once he had some medicine, he seemed fine. I tried making an appointment to see his regular pediatrician and she's on vacation. I guess we will wait it out and see. It is so hard to plan appointments around this baby's arrival.

-I love shopping for eyeglasses- maybe even a little more than trying on hats. I always look forward to my eye appointments so I can update my prescription and get new glasses. 

- I have been sneaking marshmallows from the marshmallow bag this week. 

- Sleeping is rough lately. I have pillows lined up and down my body and it takes forever for me to turn over. Marshall says I have a 4 foot turn over radius. It is true.

- Ezra's legos were moved into a room again this week, having them out in the open just seemed to stress him out (if anyone/ Eli got too close to them) Now, we have designated lego time when he (and everyone) can play with them and he seems a LOT happier.

-I have been forcing my kids to play outside so I can have some quiet time to fold laundry or do dishes. I love having a fenced in yard and window to look out and see them running around. Neither of the boys wanted to go out yesterday, but were happy they did. I forced their shoes on them and pushed them out the door.

- I really think I am going to make it full term this pregnancy! I am crossing my fingers that I can, but also a little scared! I have no idea what it is like to be pregnant longer than 35 weeks! 

- Hospital bag is packed and ready to go, emergency phone numbers are on the wall and we have a plan in place. Now, we wait! Even thought this is my third go round, I am more nervous with this one than my last two! 

- I am still taking clients and trying to get everyone in and ready for when I have baby. I feel good working and until I don't anymore or don't have the energy, I don't plan on stopping- although Marshall would disagree. As usual, I take many breaks in between.

- Marshall and I are still daydreaming about our road trip to Utah that we may take in May, It's a little overwhelming for me to think about until after the baby comes, but when I think about it, it makes me more excited than nervous. I think we might do it, people! Are we crazy?

We are excited to be with friends tomorrow evening, but other than that, we have a pretty lazy weekend and I am looking forward to it!