Friday, March 13, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

I am so happy that it is Friday. I feel like we have all worked so hard to get to the weekend. Eli, especially. He ended and started our week on a rough path, but miraculously (through many prayers from our home alone- and grateful to others who kept us in their prayers) was healed overnight. I heard him stand in his crib around 1:30 am on Tuesday morning letting out a loud and strong cry for "daddy" and I knew he was better.The following day, it was like the last 5 days never happened. He ate everything we gave him and insisted on more of everything and was drinking fluids like he had never drank before. I was scared it was going to come back up, but it never did! He is working to gain his weight he lost over the last couple days and I already think he is there. He loves to eat!
A wonderful and tender blessing is that none of us picked up what he had. I wish it was me that got sick instead of him, but the fact that not even Ezra picked up this little tummy bug is a blessing. We are so grateful to have been spared.And overwhelmed by the outpouring of thoughts and offers for meals, we are SO blessed to be surrounded by such generous and thoughtful friends. We love you.
This was the day we realized he was really sick. He wanted that toast, but didn't eat it and instead fell back asleep. I knew something was wrong.

Here are a couple fun facts:

Since we have been staying in and getting better, we've pulled out the games again. Eli wants to be able to play with Ezra but just isn't quite there yet. Ezra has been surprisingly patient and kind to Eli and tries hard to work with Eli. 

When we felt good about Eli eating all sorts of regular food, I picked him up a treat from DQ and even though he only had a lick or two (the rest was melted and wasted) he was SO proud to have a treat like the rest of us. I love the happiness that fills his body and smears across his face with little things like this.

We originally had the legos and the lego table in the baby room, but Ezra has a tendency to go in the room and shut the door and not come out or not let anyone in, especially Eli. He would lock him out or leave him out and after being completely fed up with it, I pulled the lego table out into the open. Now, Ezra boxes Eli out and is so protective over the legos it is making me crazy BUT at least, I can see what these rascals are up to. Ezra has been as patient and gentle as he knows how with allowing Eli to work with him on building.

-Last week we played with the flour again and originally, I thought that the spoonful of flour that Eli ate was why he was sick (maybe it was?)- and even the play doh. I always immediately regret pulling out the play doh. Even though it is fun for the boys, I can't stand the mess, ours is old and super crumbly and all the colors have gotten mixed together and the obsessive compulsive part of me wants to throw it away, buy new and start over.

-I've really been encouraging Ezra to be more independent and even more domestic. He has such a love for helping and he especially enjoys helping in the kitchen. Last week he helped make tacos (don't judge them by how they look, I swear they are good;) and even makes his own pb and honey sandwiches for lunch. He is awesome. He was singing and stirring away and feels so good about himself.

-Ezra also thinks he can read because he has memorized a lot of our books. I mean, WORD FOR WORD. It's amazing. So, I do think he is ready to start working on sight words- but he still seems so young. 

-The boys have been able to run free in the backyard and it has been refreshing for all of us. I have opened the windows and the sliding glass door to let the fresh air in and it really has been dreamy. As Minnesotans, I swear that we deserve the warm sunny days in the early spring. I imagine that these warm days are little reminders from God that he hasn't forgotten about us ;)

-We have offically completely our letter of the weeks. This week we worked on Z and are taking a field trip to the zoo today. I hope to start on numbers next week, we will see how that goes. Eli is incredible with his letters, he knows what they sound like, and words that start with them. It is so fun to watch him learn along side his big brother and find a love for it. He is even great at numbers! I am excited to continue moving forward with our school time at home. I know it will be a little more difficult once the baby comes, but every little bit counts.

-As for my pregnancy- I'm hanging in there, (or should I say this baby is ;)  I haven't had many contractions since Eli stopped throwing up. I didn't realize how much it stresses me out to have a sick child, but it does! It worked me to the core! I have been feeling good, except for I feel like I am moving around like a 90 year old woman and I thought for sure my hips went out on me yesterday. I need a wheelchair. I am just barely 34 weeks and to think this baby could be here in week or so- is rocking my world! Time has gone so fast! 

I often wonder if this baby can hear us talking and prepping the boys for his arrival. Or if he can hear us outwardly imagining his little personality over his active movements in utero, or describing what he may look like. I love this little boy so much already and I can't even handle how excited I am to hold him in my arms. But, I hope he can hang out as long as he needs to so can be healthy and ready to embark on the outside world. 

Have a great weekend!