Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

The boys are outside sitting on the deck step eating out of their little raisin boxes. This is really the only reason I am able to step away from them and update the blog today. They have both taken turns being demanding and being all sorts of grumpy this week. 
I mean, Yesterday, I MADE Ezra go outside for a little bit to run off his wiggles and he literally stood at the door while Eli sat on one of our play bikes and pretended to blow bubbles, and SCREAMED. He banged on the glass door with his little ferocious fists and wailed! I thought for sure that my sweet daycare lady neighbor was going to hear him and call the cops. I'm grateful she didn't, because what she doesn't know is that I am parenting over here. My kids need fresh air, every day! Even if they don't think they want it, they need it and I need them to have it. How else will my basket of laundry get folded?

Here are some fun facts for the week-

-Our homeschool sessions have been pretty hit and miss this week. We talked about Tornadoes, families, numbers and all sorts of random things.There are days when I feel amazing and other days where I feel like I could birth a baby on the floor. Just kidding. I mostly feel great and if I make it without having a baby before Tuesday, this will be he longest I have ever been pregnant! I am so excited to meet this baby, but also SO happy and willing to wait so he is perfectly healthy and ready to meet his wild big brothers.

-I have had a lot more time to sit, watch and listen to the boys as they play and this morning I watched them as they spoke to one another about the birds that flew just outside our big front window and for some reason, I wanted to squeeze this moment into a glass jar and stash in a secret spot to keep forever. The little moments in life that are full of beauty are always noticed first by my children. And not only noticed but appreciated and this made me stop and thank the heavens for all sorts of little beautiful moments in my life lately. I have so much to be grateful for.

- As I mentioned before, Eli is happy to go outside even if it is all alone, but Ezra is a lot more timid to to the colder temps and would much rather sit inside and play legos or build fort houses. This is their fort house made of pillows that kept them busy for most of the morning.

- A sweet friend dropped off this Easel (she had two) and I am so glad she did. The boys LOVE it. Eli's glasses were only coated and covered in green marker only once.

-Ezra had a rough night this week that left him exhausted and tired the next day. It was a rough one. I asked him to draw how he felt on the board and I was hoping it wasn't anything morbid. I was relieved when he started off with a smiley face, because after the smiley face was plenty and plenty of "bad" faces. 

-Marshall and I made a very big mistake in our scheduling this week. Marshall's swim teams banquet was Monday, not Thursday when we originally had it planned for. We were at home comfy and having Family Home Evening when he received calls and messages asking where he was. Needless to say, we pushed him out the door in a suit and prayers and hoped that he would be able to pull together a great speech for the team and their parents because he was without medals, letters, certificates and awards for the boys. We both felt terrible that we mixed that up and it was a reminder to me that we need to slow down and pay attention to details.

- Eli is talking a lot more and it's great to hear all the things he has to say. He will tell on Ezra if Ezra was unkind, or how much more meat he wants to eat, or who he believes the sounds from outside are from (usually Dusty Crophopper.)

- I received my last progesterone shot yesterday and my days are drawing closer to meeting this sweet little baby. I am so excited- I am moving a lot slower and trying not to push myself too hard about getting things done- It's hard when I am nesting.

-Marshall and I are going on a date tonight and I am looking forward to getting out of the house, I'm trying not to go too far in case I go into labor.

Not much planned for us this weekend, just laying low and enjoying every minute we can as a family of four!