Monday, March 16, 2015

My Monday-- and some from last sunny Friday

Last Friday I took the boys to the Zoo. We got there nice and early and I almost felt like we had the place to ourselves. The boys loved it! I moved slowly on the paths, but the boys soaked everything in.
Ezra stayed nice and close while Eli was pushed in the stroller, poor guy. I know he is capable of walking with his big bro, but I didn't want to risk him running off. 

I look at this photo of them and my heart aches just a little. Ezra is looking so big. Like, a BIG boy. He is so cool and relaxed in this picture and it makes me stop and remember that I am doing okay as a mom. I am doing an okay job, even when my days are long and hard.

Before we headed home, we stopped and had a picnic at one of the tables at the zoo. I packed lunches for the boys and they loved being able to soak up the sun and eat what I had packed them. There is something about eating the food you are used to in a different location. Eli was let loose from the stroller and he made sure to touch and feel everything he could before being strapped in again.

It was a beautiful day to be outside and I was so glad to be able to take the boys out (maybe) one last time before the baby comes.

Later on in the day, after naps- the boys were excited to get back outside. 
Ezra immediately filled up an old planter with rocks and lined them up to count them. 

                                                                      Eli played in the sled....

Ezra took a seat next to me in his little blue chair and in these few seconds I watched his body move from busy little boy and then transition into a thoughtful man.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "ohh.. nothing, The sun is just hot on my head" and I sighed a sigh of relief. I was worried that he was stressing out about something more serious, because-- I mean, look at that body language. He is too young to be solving the worlds problems. (he takes after his dad.)

While the boys continued to play, I desperately tried to relax and read some pages of a book that I have been wanting to read forEVER. I think I made it page 10. (success)

 It was a great Friday, we waited for Marshall to get home and went and got Pizza to end our week on the letter Z and a mini celebration that we finished all of our alphabet letters. It was a nice weekend.

Today, we introduced the Number 1- We talked about it and worked on counting. We have been counting EVERYTHING.

The boys played long and hard with the walkie talkies today. For some reason, we get hispanic women's voices (beautiful voices, I might add) randomly talking on the same channel and it freaks out the boys every time, at one time, Ezra yelled back, "STOP! You are SCARING me!"

I asked the boys to go outside before nap time and Ezra came running in- "Mom! I need a knife! I need a knife so I can cut through an electrical wire!" ---- Uhh... I then explained to him why this was an altogether bad idea. But sent him out with a plastic knife anyways after being convinced it was "just pretend" and he "knows not to actually cut through an electrical wire" 

Then, he runs in asking for a cup- I sent both boys out with plastic cups. They ran out to their dirt pile and after a few minutes, I checked on them, only to see Ezra holding Eli's head and trying to get Eli to "drink" the cup of dirt he packed into the plastic cup I gave him moments before. 
I yelled for Ezra to stop and Eli came running to me chewing on dirt and sand and licking his lips.

I got both the boys cleaned up and put Eli down for a nap, I thought Ezra would play legos but he decided against it. Instead, he bugged me until I basically gave up my napping spot and he took over. 

I moved to my bed and tossed and turned. I was too uncomfortable and awake to rest. After a while of tossing and turning, Eli whimpered- I grabbed him and rocked and to my surprise he fell back asleep- I swiftly moved him to Ezra's bed and he stayed asleep. I couldn't believe it.

I laid on the chaise tired and sleepy as my mind spun with thoughts I couldn't settle. I stared at Ezra while he slept (and his eyelashes-- they are to die for) and listened to the stillness of my house as Eli slept in the room down the hall. The silence almost hurt my ears. Which made it harder for me to relax. So, I waited. I waited for their eyelids to flutter and their feet to hit the ground so I could snuggle them up until Marshall got home.
It hit me that my days are growing shorter where I will only have 2 boys on my lap-- and then there will be 3, or I won't have a lap big enough for all of my children (What a blessing!) 

When they finally woke up, I did just that. I snuggled them and read to them until Marshall came home. 
We warmed up leftover (thank heavens for leftovers) and had a family home evening on families and discussed and planned out with the boys what will happen when the baby comes. Ezra was so good and assertive about what he can do to help, who he would like to come to our house and help him and Eli and also understood where Marshall and I will be. 
Then, the boys got on their superhero costumes and ran and hid and jumped off the walls until it was bath time and bed time.
I am so grateful for Marshall, he is the most fun and loving dad and I couldn't ask for a better father for my children and a better husband for me.

The day isn't always over once the kiddos are down.
Toys that were scattered on the floor needed to be picked up, dinner needed to be cleared, dishes needed to be cleaned, blog needed to be written and Marshall says that my hospital bag needs to be packed. So, that is what I will be doing before I hop into bed tonight,

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to check on this baby boy and I am looking forward to it.

Have a great week!