Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Monday (on Tuesday)

If there is anything that I can tell you about my Monday this week, it would be this.

I have a very serious case of pregnancy brain and it is.. well, serious.

As I woke up, got dressed and drove to the gym, I found a parking spot. Grumbled to myself that it was farther than I normally like to park and got out of my car and proceeded to walk/run into the doors of the gym. It was a cold morning and I couldn't get in there fast enough. I stayed at the gym for about an hour and gathered my things and proceeded to walk out to head home. When I got to my usual spot of the exit, I tried to "self start" my car- this way it is easier for me to find in the dark and cold parking lot. Although, this time, I didn't hear it.... I walked down the steps and toward where I parked, and saw a van that looked a LOT like mine parked in the MIDDLE of the parking lot- in NO space, all by itself-- probably 10 feet from where it was originally parked! I thought before really considering that it could have been me, "who on earth, would park like that?!" As I approached the van, it was mine. I saw a man looking at me and I couldn't even open the doors fast enough to jump in to hide from my embarrassment because the car wasn't in PARK! So my automatic unlocks were being funny about letting me in. Once I got in, I threw it into park, started it up and re-parked it and had to think how on earth this happened, how could I have NOT put it into park! Needless to say, I am so grateful it rolled back and STOPPED and didn't hit ANY of the cars that were parked near by, I am also glad nobody hit my car for being parked in the middle of the lot. Thank you, fellow meatheads for not hitting my precious family van! Next time, I will definitely double check to make sure my car is in park before jumping out.

From here, I ran to the grocery store. I told Marshall I could get it done before 7am so he could head out to work, and knew it would be easier for me to go without the boys. My body was telling me to get home and lay down half way through my shopping trip. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was rest- but instead, I quickly carried the heavy bags in, greeted my boys and was told by Marshall multiple times to lay down. So, I did. And I ate a donut  (to balance out my workout, you know;)

For most of the morning, I was horizontal on the couch.

I had Ezra strip the bedding from his own bed and pull the bucket of blankets to the stairs so I could take them down when I was up to it. He was exhausted from this chore. It was good for him.

Then, as I was vacuuming around the couch, I propped up the cushions so I could get to some dirt and crumbs and suddenly, the boys were on an adventure. Rock climbing at it's finest. It was fun to watch them work together and struggle together.

We had some school time. We introduced the letter Y-- there was a lot of yodeling and asking for Yo-Yo's for the remainder of the day.

My friend came over to visit for a bit before nap times and once she left, Eli and I crashed. Ezra played nicely in the room with his legos and was so nice to not bother me much while I got some rest.

When it was time to get up, I grabbed Eli and Ezra and snuggled on the couch, we read some stories and then I tried to pick up a bit before Marshall got home. Tonight was his first night home- the swim season is finally OVER! I planned on making a delicious/easy dinner.

I called to see where he was at, and he was around the corner! YAY!! The boys were so excited! He got home, I started dinner and the boys ran about the house.

After dinner, we had family home evening and the activity, chosen by Ezra was to play "Rescue Bots" Marshall transformed into a dinosaur and the boys ran away screaming and hiding. Marshall would then hide and jump out and scare them. It was exhausting for all of us.

 We quickly did baths, stories, scriptures, brushed teeth and laid them down for bed.

I topped the night off on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream next to Marshall and we were both in bed by 9:30. It was a beautiful end to the day.

I have a doctors appointment today to check on the baby and see how I am doing. I am 32 weeks and wish I could say I was going strong. My body is really telling me to stop everything and lay down-- but my mind is telling me there isn't time for that- to keep getting things done before this baby comes because he will be here in no time. Maybe I will find a way to do both.

Hope you have a great week! So happy it is getting warmer!