Monday, March 9, 2015

My Monday:::::

If there was a redo option for this weekend, I would definitely choose it. This weekend was a hard one on our little family. Eli came down with a nasty little bug that kept him from keeping anything that he ate down. Even his pedialyte didn't sit well. Marshall and I have felt so helpless. All we could do was hold him while his fragile little body laid on us. We have said so many prayers that even Ezra would run to his room and privately say a prayer for Eli. Ezra had a cough most of last week, and because Eli's immune system has been completely shot, he picked up the cough and runny nose over the night. So, just when we thought Eli could turn a corner, his little body is taking a detour AND. on top of the worry of Eli, I had to go into the hospital on Saturday night to stop labor. It came out of nowhere, I think I was just so worked up about Eli that at the end of the night, after the boys were asleep, my body decided it wanted to have a baby. I was having contractions every 4-5 minutes for over an hour, I started having to use the bathroom and then, what really kicked up the notch was when my body went into a full on adrenaline rush, I couldn't stop shaking. I knew that I wasn't going to have a baby, because I wasn't in pain (Because I KNOW that pain of real labor) but I knew that if I didn't go in, the contractions may not have stopped- or the baby could be stressed)Marshall needed to be home with the boys so I drove myself to the hospital around 10 pm and breathed as calmly as I could the whole way there and once I was checked in- was able to be monitored for about 2 hours, received a shot to stop the contractions and was able to rest in the quiet hospital. I was grateful to be able to come home and sleep in my own bed just after 1 am. Of course, I came home to Marshall half asleep on the couch with Eli in his lap. We didn't get much sleep this weekend. But, even though this weekend was a rough one on us, I can see so many little miracles that have happened along the way. I am grateful for a husband who is so loving and caring to spend most of the weekend with a sick two year old on his chest, who watched over and prayed for his wife and his children in times of helplessness and lost sleep and meals worrying about the next plan of action on how to care for his son and laboring wife. We are going to get through this, Eli will get over this bug, hopefully sooner than later. As miserable as it have Eli sick, I am glad that we can give him all the attention and love he needs now and that we may have a healthy home for baby boy when he arrives.

His little outfit though.

Anyways, Today, we did a lot of snuggling and watching shows. Basically, anything to keep Eli happy and Ezra occupied while I tended to whatever Eli needed. I decided to skip school time today- we will pick up when we are all up for it. But, we did talk about our new letter, Z. And going to the zoo Friday if we are all up for it. We read SO many books (Ezra crammed 25 books into our library bag on Saturday)We did manage to get outside for a hot 5 minutes-Eli really didn't have the strength to move about, but managed to sit on (what is left of) my lap and point at all the things that interested him, I was happy to feel the brisk wind on my face, Eli just complained of the cold and wanted to go back in. So we watched Ezra play as we sat cross legged on the opposite side of our sliding glass door.
Eli has been sleeping a lot, and I have been resting as much as I can (Doctors orders) and Ezra was truly amazing today. He played so well by himself and quietly. I have been feeling so bad for him- but he has been an amazing helper.

A couple cute things Ezra said today, "Mom! Look! Black Seagulls," (Crows?) "Mom, where is heaven?" "Mom, I love when we go out together- just the two of us." (Ezra and I went to the library and the grocery store together on Saturday, while Marshall stayed home with Eli, and this morning, Ezra and I went to his preschool for a quick little conference and the beauty supply while my mom was able to help with Eli at home,) And the best one yet, " Mom, You look like barbie" -- I just said thank you- I didn't want to know why- but took it as a VERY flattering compliment on a day that I did NOT feel the least bit cute.

I hope that our week will shape up and I have faith that it will!

Monday down, Tuesday- I am ready for you.