Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

Here are a couple photos from the afternoon of April 1st, this evening I went into labor with Oliver. I had no idea at this point that our lives would be changed in less than 24 hours.

I even was able to catch my bumps reflection in our sliding glass door. 
It was big!

Ezra and Eli soaked up the sun and warm temperatures. Eli loves to get Dirty, while Ezra prefers to keep clean. He WILL get dirty, but he will immediately come in to wash him hands if it seems to be too much. Ezra also prefers to wear gloves when "working" outside.

Ezra and Eli are officially the neighborhood peepers. This is also an indication to me that we need a fence that is better designed.
Horizontal fencing isn't the best idea for active little boys.

Ezra was convinced he could climb to the roof of the shed, which I wouldn't put it past him. I am sure he could.

I remember taking millions of photos of Ezra and Eli when I was in the hospital. I was also in there so much longer. This was the only one I took of Oliver with my real camera. And I love it.
It sums up the short time we were there. I was able to have him with me the minute I had him to the minute we left. Our time there was short and I am so grateful that he was healthy enough to bring home so we could begin the adventures that laid waiting for us. (ie; Eli's illness)

We have had the craziest week. We were so excited to bring little Oliver home, to introduce him to his brothers and to show him around his new home.

Ezra was SO proud to be the first to hold him and because Eli had a pretty rough sounding cold the first couple days we were home, we quarantined Oliver to his room or kept Eli as far away (which should have been farther) from him as possible.

Monday Eli's cold turned into something vicious. His nose was draining uncontrollably and he was coughing like we've never heard before. As we tried to get some sleep, we quickly noticed Eli wasn't able to sleep and was struggling to breathe. He tried to talk to us in his sweet raspy voice but couldn't catch his breath and his little belly quickly moved in and out. Marshall ended up taking him into the ER around 4:30 am on Tuesday. They were there all day- admitted into another hospital after 3pm. They stayed the night to monitor his breathing and mostly his oxygen levels while he slept. His oxygen levels dipped and Marshall said the monitors were being set off and lights were flashing. I can't imagine how stressed and nervous he was watching that happen. Marshall said he couldn't sleep because he was so worried. The stayed for most of the day Wednesday and after he took a 90 minute nap with no dip in his oxygen levels, the doctors and nurses felt confident that he was on his road to recovery and that he could be sent home. They didn't come home empty handed though, they had bags full of things Eli would need here on out. Medicine and inhaler and nebulizer. Marshall was in charge of making sure Eli got what he needed and when. He was AMAZING! I don't know what I would do without him. He was up in the night with Eli, just as often as I was up with Oliver. He was sent out with what they are calling Bronchiolitis. He is slowly on the mend. Still congested and lots of coughing, but his little lungs are going to need time to recover from this infection. His cough makes me so sad, and I am patiently waiting for him to be 100%/ He asks to hold Oliver every chance he can get and I want so badly to be able to say yes. Hopefully soon, I can.

While Marshall and Eli were at the hospital, my sweet and saint of a mother, not only ran to the hospital to drop things off for them, more than once, but also came over to help me out with Ezra and Oliver. She gave Oliver his very first bath. This has become a sweet tradition between my sister and I and we know she loves it. I am too scared to actually bathe my babies right away and she is so gentle with them, it is the sweetest to watch.

Ezra has been dying to hold Oliver and having a cold, we are taking all precautions we can to prevent it spreading to Oliver. When I placed Oliver in Ezra's lap, you could hear Ezra squealing out a whisper, "you are so little, I love my baby brother!" It was so sweet. 
I love this picture of Ezra with Oliver- it's one of those "pictures that say a thousand words"

On Thursday, we had an appointment booked for Ezra (we've had it scheduled for weeks) to talk to his pediatrician about the amount of ear infections that he has had (6 since august!) This boy needed a referral to an ENT. As he hopped up on the bed to get checked out, sure enough, he had an ear infection. No signs that he had one, but I knew that because he caught Eli's cold, that next week it would turn into an infection- and sure enough, his little ears were already showing signs. So, he may just suffer from chronic ear issues- but for now, we are happy he has an antibiotic to clear it up and an appointment to speak with an ENT dr. to talk about tubes in his ears.

 I have a feeling that I will be wearing Oliver way more than either of my boys, and I am so excited that he loved being worn. I loved having him right next to me. I keep saying that he is still supposed to be inside of me, I must hold him, wear him and be with him as much as I can!

Time is going too fast already! This little guy is already over a  week old and I can't believe how incredibly naturally he has fit in at home. Even with all the crazy we have endured this week, I feel like he has just always been with us. I am so in love with him.

He has given us a couple gassy smiles in his sleep and this guy has dimples! Just like his big brother! I also think his eyes are going to be light! They are the lightest gray-- Ezra and Eli both had the darkest darkest eyes right from the beginning. I am excited to see what they may change to be.

I feel amazing- even from all the trauma my body was put through just a week ago- I feel almost completely healed. I say this all the time, but the body is AMAZING! I am so grateful to be able to carry and birth my babies. It is such a miraculous blessing given to women and to women only- I feel so fortunate and loved to have the honor of being a mother.

We are looking forward to getting back into routine. Marshall will be back to work soon and we will definitely miss him. I am just a wee bit nervous about being at home with three boys. But only just a little ;) I think I can handle it. We will just have to see. 

Have a great weekend!