Friday, April 17, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

Since Oliver has been here, our family has experienced many little trials that have literally shaken us and driven us to our knees countless times. Marshall and I have had many conversations of how hard and heart breaking it is to be a parent. I jokingly (and not jokingly) said how being a mother is the whole reason for my female existence. My children's aches and pains will become my own and their trials will also be mine. I am so grateful to have a husband who shares these aches and pains with me so we can overcome these obstacles all together. Having children and a family is a major part of this life and the trials that we go through are NECESSARY for us to grow and to be able to go to our Father in heaven in faith on how to get through it. I can't imagine suffering alone, I am humbled and grateful for the love and support that we have been surrounded by. 
Meals had been set up for us for the past two weeks and with that, we have received prayers, and gifts and the nicest gestures of love and friendship- Marshall and I looked at a dinner that was laid out on our table one night after it was dropped off and literally felt so unworthy to receive it, but so incredibly humbled and grateful for the kind service of others. A day hasn't gone by where I haven't thanked Heavenly Father for the amazing people that have helped us get through at this time.

Marshall went back to work on Monday and I was determined to get us back into the swing of things.
 I made sure to start the week off doing what I had been doing before baby Oliver arrived. I stripped the bedding off all the beds and started the wash. It's exactly what we needed to get back on track. This week, I have been right on track with my chore list. It feels good to be back!

The boys seem to be recovered from their colds and the weather has been beautiful. Things were definitely a lot less stressful this week.

I did not want to yell this week. In fact, I knew that with Marshall back at work, the probability of me yelling at the boys would be considerably higher, especially if I am nursing the baby and Ezra and Eli are into things that they shouldn't be. 
On Monday morning I made sure to grab each boy by their small little shoulders and kneel down to their level and explain to them how great they are, how much Oliver and I would need their help today and that they both need to be the best listeners and helpers that they could be. I also told them that I wasn't going to yell, so they might have to listen REALLY well if I was talking to quiet. Both boys listened intently and liked the idea of mommy not yelling. This set the tone for the rest of the day, although,I had to remind them the rest of the week. Especially when I let the boys out in the backyard and instead of running wild and free they have found a dirt spot on the side of the house. Now, they run after each other with hands full of dirt and throw it onto each other. They have had more baths than usual. This has made me want to yell and yell good, but instead I grab their little chins and shake my head ferociously while trying to keep cool. It is HARD to be cool.

There have been many little moments where I wish Marshall was home to witness how absolutely sweet our boys can toward Oliver and each other. Ezra did say to me, " Mom,I really like Oliver, but next time I would really like a sister." I wish I could tell him I had control over those types of things. ;)

Oliver is an eating machine. Every two hours and I swear that he could eat even sooner than that at times. I am trying my darnedest to pork him up. He is such a peanut.
 I am still able to get my nap in at the usual time- I hope this lasts longer than I think it will. I am taking full advantage of it now. Sleeping in the night has been minimal- and through many prayers, I have had the energy I have needed to get through the days without feeling completely exhausted. THIS is a blessing for a mother of 3 boys. 

I am excited that my body seems to be almost completely healed. I am waiting patiently to get the okay to get back in the gym, I am going to set some goals to get back in shape and to be active again. It feels good to feel good!

Eli had a follow up appointment with our pediatrician this week who has put him on a daily nebulizer treatment to control and prevent another episode from last week. We are hoping this isn't something that we will have to do forever, because a.) it is SO expensive b.) it is kind of a pain to have to take/give this daily. We will be making an appointment soon to meet with his allergist/asthma specialist to see if what happened last week may have been from an allergy/asthma attack- or if it something that can be prevented. It is hard to know. We have so many questions that I am not sure we really can get answers to.

I have been back in the salon when I could this week, and it's been good to do hair, I love being able to cross the threshold from being a mother all day to being a stylist. It feels good on my brain and on my whole being to able to do more than nurse a baby and herd children around all day. 

"The best is yet to come" Isn't this true? Life gets so much better through time! If anything, experience gives you a clearer perspective and outlook on how to handle life as it comes. Thank Heavens for that.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Enjoy some photos taken with my phone this week- I haven't gotten around to grabbing the big boy camera yet to document our time with Oliver. poor third child.