Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Facts Friday: Happy May Day

This week thankfully turned around after Monday. Our family survived April! Now, onto May! I am so looking forward to a new month. New Trials, so to speak. Bring it on. At this point, I feel like we can handle it.

Here are a couple fun facts--

- In high school some friends and I put together may day baskets and dropped them on the door steps of out best guy friends or crushes at the time and I love that memory. I hope to carry on that tradition starting next year, maybe we will pick a family to bring a basket full of goodies to.

- Eli calls dandelions "yellow flowers" and Ezra always crushes him by correcting him and calling them weeds. I accept them as flowers, though. He is the sweetest.

- For some reason, I feel like I have had to explain why I am back to working already. Let me just say, I am grateful for it! It IS crazy that I have been able to make this work. Having appointments on  the books gets me up in the morning on time, gets me showered and ready for the day. It helps push me to keep my house tidy and keeps my children on a good routine. I need to work! I work from home- this is an incredible blessing. I am fortunate enough to be able to set my hours and my schedule to whatever works best for my family and it is awesome! So, I take advantage of that. I am also fortunate enough to have extremely flexible and understanding clients. It is a good gig all around. I love it.

-Flavored water is my new favorite thing.

-I am going through a phase where I feel like I need to own "grown up things" and its ridiculous. You know, like, grown up shoes... or grown up kitchen utensils... etc... I am turning 30 this year. It is time to grow up.

- Late night nursing sessions have become late night online shopping sessions where I feel like I need to buy anything that I have a promo code for.

- My kids have successfully destroyed/broke or ruined a total of 4 things in our house this week. 2 pictures, 1 ottoman- totally broken and colored on, and 1 floor lamp- I still haven't figured out how the did that.  This is not the end, I know it.

-When things get a little crazy over here, music calms us all down.

- Oliver is getting big! We had a weight check this week and he came in weighing 7lbs. 4.5 oz  He is fitting all of his clothes a little better and I love watching him grow into a little person everyday.

- I am tired. Marshall is tired! We are ALL tired over here. Except for Oliver. He sleeps all day.

- Eli's nose started running yesterday, and I am fairly certain its from allergies but I still want to cry. Maybe someday he will catch a break.

- I want to purchase a gas grill. For myself maybe, for mother's day. 

- I took the boys out to the nature center on my own. We did meet friends there, but it was my first outing with all of us together. It was not so bad!

-Lately, I have been asked a lot about what Marshall does for work, He is a structural engineer. He loves his job and from what I know, he is really good at it. I am proud of him and grateful for his work. 

We are looking forward to a beautiful Saturday ahead. I think I am going to mow the lawn ;)

Happy May Day!