Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:::

I have a preschool graduate! (Well, not really. But kinda. He technically will have another year before actual kindergarten (If we put him kindergarten) We decided to keep him home for preschool in the fall and it has been bitter sweet. He really enjoyed his preschool and it was fun to watch him learn and grow from someone else, but we are so excited about having him home in the fall to learn at home and to learn with Eli. I have already been planning and trying to get things together for an exciting learning experience. Ezra is our little sponge. He soaks up everything around him and he is a smart little cookie. I am so excited the knowledge he will obtain.

Tuesday he had his preschool program and it was the sweetest. The children sang us songs and showed us their artwork they made throughout the year that was displayed on the walls. Ezra was proud of what he did and even more proud of his little diploma he received and the packet of photos his teacher made for him of his friends from the years activities.

- We have had our fair share of cool days this week, but also some pretty awesome evenings. We managed some time outside to enjoy the sunshine. I also was able to go through our coat closet and collect about 7 coats of mine and 3 of Marshall's to donate. I wish I had more time to tackle all of our closets. I know there is so much of our stuff that we can minimize on.

-We have been trying hard to watch what we feed Eli. He has been so sick this year that we are starting to lose our minds. We aren't certain what the culprit is, whether it is allergies, asthma, poor immune system or combo of all of the above- On our way home from Utah, his breathing became short and labored and we prayed the whole trip that our little inhaler was enough for him until we got home to give him his nebulizer. (Not to mention, we were already on high alert and watching Eli like a hawk because he flipped off a play set and hit his head HARD. Thankfully, there was no concussion and nothing serious. This is a miracle. I don't know how he managed to be okay. This kid has many guardian angels surrounding him.)

- With Eli's allergies and Ezra's snacking habits, I have been trying to find recipes that are good and healthy for everyone.  This week, Ezra helped me make energy bites. Sunbutter,honey, vanilla, oatmeal, flax seed (ground) coconut flakes and oatmeal. These are delicious! I have had to keep my hands off. (They are a little TOO good for you, if you know what I mean.)

-Trying to get a photo of all the boys is a battle, but I try and try and try...

- Ezra went in for a follow up to have his ears checked and we have decided to go ahead and get tubes in his ears. Today, his ears were worse than they were a month ago. Now, we prep him for it. 
He seems cool with it, though. He is pretty easy going about doctors and appointments at this point. We have seen so many as of late, it's almost a normal thing.

-I am pretty sure my children know to peep on our neighbors because of me.
My house was unusually quiet this afternoon. Ezra was playing legos, I was nursing Oliver and Eli was in his room watching the tree cutters cutting down and mulching the leaves. He could have stood there for hours!

-And, my eating and growing machine of a baby. He is changing by the minute. 
He is my easiest- believe it or not. He is keeping me together! He is eating constantly but making me me slow down in the midst of chaos and he also managed to sleep through the night one day this week! 
This photo is killing me. His face is starting to get chubby and he is starting to look less like his daddy and more like his mama. (poor kid) 

These past few months have been beautiful but also so challenging. There is more going on in our family than I often share or will share at the moment but please know that prayers are greatly appreciated. 
We are so grateful for the love and support we receive daily in countless ways and we know that we are being looked after and comforted.

We are getting so close to finishing our basement I could literally scream with joy! (This has been  a never ending project)
Memorial day for us will most likely be celebrated indoors cleaning out or basement and getting it ready to be finished.