Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

It has only felt completely natural to have Oliver in our lives and a part of our family. I don't even remember what life was like before he came into our world. He turned 8 weeks this week and I feel like I have known him forever. We are so in love with him and we can tell that he is getting more and more comfortable with us. He loves when the boys are close and he lets them snuggle him up and poke at him without a fuss. I am so grateful he has been such an easy baby. 

It was sunny a couple times this week and the boys take after me when it comes to sitting where the sun shines through the window. This is one of my most favorite things.

I don't know about you, but when I get a couple of annoying zits on my forehead- I just cut bangs to cover them up. I needed a new look anyways. I am a mom of three now! This is all a new look for me. (I have missed my bangs, anyways! It feels good to have them back)

Marshall happened to find this photo of my mom while cleaning his desk on Monday/Memorial day. What a perfect day to find my mom in her fatigues. I love this. My mom doesn't make goofy faces very often. She laughs a lot mostly at herself or the things her daughters say- but she is mostly calm, reserved and the most giving person you will ever meet. I love her.

We are starting to understand that Ezra is needing a little more attention these days. With Oliver's schedule and Eli's health issues, Ezra's needs have been kind of put off to the side. I asked him yesterday what he would like to do and he didn't hesitate to say, " Go to the ice cream store and go to the park" So we did just that. 

It was the hottest day this week- both the boys were sweating buckets by the time we left and I realized that I am not ready for the summer heat.

They boys are so sweet to Oliver. It is hard to get mad at them when they clobber him,
but they do, they have no boundaries. They don't give me space these days either- the other day Ezra HAD to be touching me every second of the day. This was on the hot day. It made me so claustrophobic and itchy I wanted to scream.

I've been struggling to find a way to teach Ezra how to wrestle for fun. Eli is a physical player. He like to get down and wrestle but Ezra takes it personal and turns it into a battle. I want to see my kids rolling around and laughing on the floor- but I know it only lasts a short minute before someone is crying.

Marshall has been diligently going downstairs to his computer with stacks of hospital bills and taken his free time to sort and pay them all. I sat across from him the other night with tears in my eyes of nothing but gratitude for him. He works so hard to care for his family and we are so blessed because of all that he does for us.

We are looking forward to blessing Oliver this Sunday and a fun day out on Saturday!