Sunday, May 17, 2015

Photos from the weekend festivities

Ezra's words, "Koby is the best guy in the whole world!" 
He wasn't kidding. Koby is the best uncle. He taught Ezra how to skate board and Ezra LOVED it! I loved watching him take direction from Koby and he was so proud of himself when he was able to do it on his own for a quick second. 

Getting the boys ready in the morning is a wild event. I am glad that Ezra can be a good help and keep and eye on Oliver for me. Ezra and Eli were on point by practicing their dance moves on the "stage" before the reception. All the practice paid off-- those boys tore up the dance floor.

Hayley's sealing was beautiful- the weather was less than ideal. It was a windy and cold afternoon and it started to rain just minutes after we walked to our cars. 

My mother in law, Sylvia and Marshall's Aunt Laura huddling up to keep warm in the cold.

The happy couple looked SO happy!

Hayley is Marshall's baby sister. They are 14 years apart and I can't believe she is married! She is forever 13 in my mind. She looked SO beautiful and so so happy. I was so happy for her.

I mentioned the boys dancing before, but I don't think you understand.... these boys TORE it up!
Eli couldn't stop and wouldn't stop.

They dropped the minute they were strapped into their car seats to head home.

They had a blast! 

These are Marshall's siblings. All six kids! plus their sweet cousin, Meredith (striped shirt) It was a cool reunion to have her with them. I watched all of them get down on the dance floor and I had to fight back tears, they all looked so happy jumping and dancing around and I actually felt their joy in my heart. It was sad to think that this may not happen again for a very long time or even ever again. It was cool to watch.

We knew it was time to go when the boys couldn't sit up straight.
I knew they didn't want to leave- none of us did. But knew we needed to.

Our trip is coming to an end and we are so grateful we were able to come out and celebrate Hayley and to be with the whole family. It's been fun and and the I'm sure the kids are going to be begging to be back with all the cousins.