Friday, May 15, 2015

While in Utah- Friday Edition

We made it. We barely made it. I am pretty sure we were the last ones on the plane. Everyone was so friendly and offered help when it was obvious our hands were full. Thankfully, the boys (all 3) were amazing on the flight over. We came fully prepared to keep them busy, and I was surprised we didn't have to pull out everything we brought to keep them happy. Originally, we thought it would be dreamy to road trip, but we are so glad we flew directly to Utah without any stops.

Emily and Koby (Marshall's sister and husband) have opened up their beautiful home to our family and Marshall's other sister's (Jessica) family of 6. It's a packed house when the rest of the crew comes over, but it is FUN! 

This weekend, Hayley,Marshall's sister, is getting married! Up until then, we have been "vacationing" 
Lots of lounging, eating, catching up with family and playing in the sun. 

A couple things we have done so far:

- Koby and Emily picked up a sweet little 4 wheeler for the kids and they have been loving it. (clearly, so did the big kids aka Marshall)

- We hit up the church distribution center (which for minnesotans, is a rare treat)

- We ate In N Out. It was delish. 

- I got a mani and pedi with my nieces! This was needed in worst way. The color on my toes was picked purely because of the name. "Cajun shrimp" It's the cutest.

- Marshall went paint balling with his future bro in law and they rest of the guys. Marshall got hit the worst. They went out to dinner afterwards where people were dressed in nice suits and Marshall walked in with paint splattered across his face and in his ears.( I wish I could have seen this and boys just don't think to take photos of stuff like this!)

-The boys have been so exhausted that they haven't even fought the fact that they've had to share a bed. In fact, I think they love it.

-We all arrived with colds and are still fighting them off. At this point, we are used to being sick- It's practically the norm now. We are constantly wiping noses and drinking water to keep our cough attacks at bay. We are that family........

-We are loving 9 kids running the show around here. All the cousins get along so well and I have heard Ezra tell his cousin, Michael that he loves him and has been asking for hugs. Michael doesn't respond as well as Ezra wished he did.

- Koby and Emily's house has a little fireplace with a small platform that has become a stage. The kids have been singing songs proud. Abc's- counting or church songs. These kids own it.

More photos to come after the wedding!

Until then, we are relaxing!