Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

This week seemed to have gone by in a flash. I love and hate when that happens. I was able to get to some big projects that I have been meaning to tackle so I felt like it was a more successful week than I have had in the past.

Here are a couple fun facts:

-My boys are growing right before my eyes. And I have had flashbacks as I reach for Oliver in his crib, he looks exactly like his big brothers and it feels like yesterday that I was pulling each of them out of their baby cribs. Why can't they stay little forever?

-I started singing a song that I love and both boys started yelling "Stop!!!!" while covering their ears. I was seriously embarrassed. I know it has been a while since I have stretched these vocal chords, but man! There went my self esteem.

-I am still nervous to take the boys out to the park, splash pad, beach, zoo or any other place that many other people or children will be. I know I can do it, but I have to pump myself up a lot to do it and REALLY prepare Ezra and Eli for it. Especially Eli. He is my little runner. He is a free spirit and he does what he feels.

- I cleaned out my room and went through my closet, drawers and shoe collection this week and donated what I could to the church garage sale this week. Some of which were countless pairs of designer denim that I hung on to because of the price, but talked myself into donating because a) Not even sure if they are still cute b) I didn't dare try them on, I didn't even want to know how much I DIDN'T fit them. c) I am in need of new jeans anyways. Marshall prefers that I get rid of my clothes before purchasing anything new.

- Oliver is smiling and laughing all the time now. He is adorable. He especially loves when Ezra rubs his belly and talks to him. It is pretty cute.

-The boys have marked everything that has a surface in our backyard with sidewalk chalk. Eli can't control himself. He was even marking the rocks and his own shoes!

-Remember wearing your dads shirt to bed? Wasn't it the best? 

- Ezra has learned to ask me to take a photo of everything he builds, because through experience he has learned that his little brother will come up and knock it down. This way, he has the photo to remember how he built it and start over. This is a major struggle at our house. This frustrates and infuriates him so badly that, I swear, this is the root to every battle the boys have. Eli is just being a little brother and Ezra can't stand it.

-Finishes in the basement have been started!!!! Finally!!

- Marshall's mouth seems to be better, thank heavens! I can't wait to eat real food with him again!

- I have tried the Blizzard of the month almost every month this year. I am planning on trying the featured blizzard of the month every month for the rest of the year. Do this with me, people! It's fun and delicious. (We walk there so I don't feel so guilty)

-Ezra cried while I buzzed his head on the 90 degree day this week. "I like my crazy hair mom, I like my bed head!" His head gets soaking wet with sweat in the heat, he will thank me later.

- I will call the police if I feel like I need to.

-Business in the salon seems to be at it's peak. It could also be that now I am juggling 3 children, home responsibilities and a business. I sometimes feel crazed but feeling like I am finally getting into good groove.

- I am mostly hot and sweaty when I am nursing and that 90 degree day we had this week was the worst. I prefer to stay inside on days like that. I am a milk machine! I am always over heating!

Looking forward to the weekend with my boys and hopefully Marshall and I will be able to sneak out for a mini date!