Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

I was stuck on a ramp trying to merge back onto the freeway after Ezra's doctor appointment this week, and I noticed a  naughty silhouette of a boy (looked maybe 8-12 years old-- too old to be acting this way) who was pestering his little sister in the suv in front of us. This bothered me. I sat and watched for over 5 minutes as he flicked her hair, pulled her arms, rubbed his head on her, punched her--- he did this over and over and over again and I was losing my mind! I kept looking at the mothers face in her side mirror, and she wasn't reacting... AT ALL. She wasn't even speaking to them.. Did she not hear them, or notice them? Was she purposely ignoring the fact that her son was harassing her daughter? Was she even their mother? Was she the nanny? Did she care at all? I don't know the situation or the needs of the people in this van. Maybe I am totally off on this one and am being super judgmental to this situation but I wanted to tap their bumper with my van to wake them all up! I wanted to scold that boy and tell him to knock it off. I am constantly trying to teach my children to be kind and gentle to one another and to watch this and not be able to step in was making me crazy. I hope I am not the only one who feels like they need to constantly step in to advocate for others. Ezra of course noticed this going on as well, and asked why that boy was making bad choices. I am glad that he was aware that what the boy was doing was not kind. I kind of think Ezra was expecting me to jump out of the car and put that boy in a time out. Because, believe me I wanted to.

Here are some fun facts:

Eli doesn't care to hold Oliver or really to have much to do with him at all, but when he did ask to hold him, I hopped right to it. Oliver wasn't thrilled about the idea. At least, from what his face was telling me. And then Eli got a little too excited and things escalated a little too quickly.

-I wasn't the only one who was excited to finally have corn dogs in the house. It's the best when Ezra said, "yumm.. hot on the outside, cold on the inside." HA! I heard that and immediately reheated them in our toaster oven.

- I wish my children understood sarcasm.

- I think the current "trends" are scary. You wil not see me with pointy fingernails or armpit Hair.

-Baby blues are real you guys. This postpartum has been the hardest for me. 

- We have officially lived an entire year without an oven. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed. Either way... It's been a year since we have had a perfectly cooked meal without questioning if it will be either cold in the center, or gooey, or raw... or edible.

- We had just sat down for dinner and Marshall wasn't home from work quite yet when we heard a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone and used this an opportunity to teach Ezra about strangers or "tricky people" I didn't answer the door and asked all the boys to stay in their seats and to be very quiet ( I knew the person was probably trying to sell me something-- I wasn't interested anyways) The boys were very engaged and were such good listeners. 

- I sometimes forget that I am a "grown up" now and that youth are intimidated by the "power" that grown ups have to get them into real trouble. I need to use this 'power' more. 

- Worked out this week. My body is SORE! But it feels SO GOOD!

- Basement is painted! Carpet will be installed next week! You won't find us watching fireworks on the 4th of July. We will be rolling around on our new floor.

- This is the first week since having Oliver that I was actually able to keep on top of our cleaning calendar, do school time and get a work out in. I still haven't figured out how to keep my kids hands off each other, if I had-- I would want a trophy or something.

- I can't tell if Oliver is just the easiest baby in the whole world or if it's because he is my third and my older two are just wild and out of control. Maybe it is a little of both?

- Marshall has really stepped up this week, he can tell that I have really needed some help keeping my cool and I am so grateful for him and all that he does. 

- I pack our cabinets full every week and after 6 days, we are completely out of food. I don't even have teenagers yet and they are all eating machines! I can't keep up with them!

These photos are from last weekend. Eli played so sweet with Brooklyn.
My Mom with Oliver And the boys with mini grandma.

We are celebrating dads this weekend!