Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun Facts Friday::

We started off the week coming down from a father's day high. 
We enjoyed a delicious breakfast together and attended church. We were home as a family and because that is what brings Marshall the most joy, it was fitting. 

Here are a couple fun facts from our week:
I love it when Eli wants to be wrapped up in nothing but a blanket when he first wakes up. It reminds me how little my children are and how much I should enjoy them at this age. 

Sometimes you just have to pull ALL the books off the shelves and read them all.
They aren't reading library books here, but I took them all to the library on my own this week and it was great. Eli ran off out of my view of sight with the play food and the librarian had to bring him to me as I had Ezra running wildly through the children's area yelling his name. The librarian was wonderful and incredibly patient with us.

We managed to do School time this week! It's nothing fancy, but getting back into it has been good for everyone and Eli is loving it!

Oliver turned 12 weeks this week! He is smiling, laughing recognizing faces and voices, starting to grab for things, my hair is his favorite and he is even squealing and cooing.I am sure that I have mentioned this before, but Oliver is the best baby. He is patient and understanding and he is oh so happy. all. the. time. He is an awesome sleeper and even better snuggler. I am so grateful for his little spirit and what a blessing he is to a part of our family. I feel like I have known him forever and I also have a feeling he is going to be a mama's boy, which will be a first in this house! 

Here is a mini sneak peak at our finished basement! It's done! This weekend we will be moving some of the boys things down here to give them more room to play! Happy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this being accomplished! Now, on to our next project!

I took the boys out this week to find sandals, we stopped at kids r us and the boys wanted to look at all the toys, and with this comes photos with what Ezra would like to bring home.... there were a lot of photos taken...

Is there anything better than running through the sprinkler? The joy on these boys faces makes my heart explode. I want to bottle this joy up and sprinkle it over their heads in dark times. 

Ezra had his tubes placed in his ears this week! Marshall took him bright and early Wednesday morning and he was in and out in no time. He was a little grumpy out of anesthesia, but he was back to his old self after lunch. I hope this will help with his constant ear infections.

Marshall's parents picked up Ezra and Eli and took them to the zoo the for morning-afternoon. They had a blast! I had a morning of hair appointments and was so grateful that they were out with grandma and grandpa instead of being stuck at home with a sitter. We are so blessed to have family near by to help us when we need it.

As June wraps up, I feel all sorts of feelings. We are finally finished with the countless doctors appointments, our basement is finished and we can move forward with what is next. 

As always, we are looking forward to the weekend!