Friday, July 3, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

There are major accomplishments that are made by ordinary people every day, and then there are things crossed off never ending lists that feel like the most major of accomplishments made. 
This week, we moved all the boy's toys down stairs and I am not kidding when I tell you that my stress level has seriously dropped from a 10 to a 4. Why? Why would moving the toys to a different place in the house make my heart and soul sing to the high heavens and feel a burden lift from my shoulders? Because I CAN'T SEE the Clutter(MESS). Our toys are usually everywhere I turn, I am used to stepping on them, tripping over them, kissing feet that stumbled through them and I don't even see them anymore! Out of sight, out of mind, people! It is a beautiful thing. I guess I had no idea how much of the clutter of toys impacted my day to day living, but it did! Our living room instead has library books spread about and I love it- I prefer books to toys any day. The boys have been spending time together downstairs, when Ezra isn't policing the Lego table and what Eli is down, they seem to play pretty well down there by themselves. During quiet time, Ezra plays downstairs and I can hear him singing to himself and talking to the Lego guys he creates. 

Here are a couple fun facts from the week:

- With school time this week, we reviewed the Second article of faith- it mentions Adam (as in Adam and Eve) and Ezra had so many questions. I loved it. We were able to learn and discuss how vital the role of Adam and Eve are to our lives and Heavenly Father's plan for His children. 
And then later on that evening, I noticed the boys running around outside without their shirts on carrying around twigs and leaves. I didn't know what they were playing, and when I asked Ezra he blew me off almost a little embarrassed and when I asked Eli, he proudly proclaimed, "We are Adam and Eve!" This made me laugh, but also made me so proud that they were listening to what I had taught them.

- I caught Marshall flexing his muscles in the mirror and even though I teased him, it was pretty cute to catch him doing this.

- We purchased a televison! A 50 inch! We have gone without a tv our entire marriage and we decided that a gift to ourselves for finishing the basement would be a big whopping tv. We feel so grateful, but also totally ridiculous. We so don't need this.

- Popsicles are the boys favorite summer treat and the boys LOVE the jokes on the Popsicle sticks.
And, isn't this the funniest picture of Eli you have ever seen? I can't stop laughing at it. I love that his top button is buttoned as well. ;)

-Oliver and Marshall have been getting some snuggle time in and I am hoping Oliver isn't falling too hard for his daddy. I am banking on this little guy being a mama's boy because I don't have one yet. ;)

-We went swimming at a friend's house today and the boys were out of their mind excited and happy. They were both a little hesitant at first, but after an hour or so they turned into little fish.

-I have really been encouraging the boys to help me out in the kitchen, whether it is setting the table, making breakfast, clearing the plates, or getting ingredients from the refrigerator. It's paying off, these boys have been asking to help me when they see me in the kitchen cleaning or getting a meal ready. 

-When I asked Ezra if he wanted scrambled eggs one morning and he told me no and ran off. He came back minutes later, after I cleaned up the kitchen begging for eggs, whimpering that he was starving.  I told him that he would have to make them himself because I already asked him if he wanted them and he told me he didn't. I was beyond irritated.... but he was insistent on making scrambled eggs on his own and with just a little help from me, he was happy how they turned out. 

-I packed the boys up and ran to the store to price check our television and picked up lunch on the way out (Sam's club- we love lunch from Sam's club!)  The boys wanted a picnic, so we headed to our neighborhood park and sat on a picnic bench by the baseball diamond and when we were done, the boys ran the bases.
They also yelled through the sewer cages to one another looking for teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Eli also mastered obedience to me yelling, "NO! STOP!" if he was getting out of my range of comfort and getting  a little too far or toward the parking lot. He told me that he stopped and listened because he didn't want the cars to "push him" (Good Idea, Eli)

-Oliver is 3 MONTHS OLD! My goodness, time is flying!!
He is more active when he is awake, loves when I sing to him. Always wants to snuggle but is also totally happy laid out on the floor to look around. He loves to observe and listen to all the activity around him. I am so excited to see what kind of person he will become. The boys still adore him and if you ask Ezra who is best bud is, he will tell you it is Oliver, even though we all know it is Eli.

-Oliver also loves to see himself in the camera. His expression is the best. 

-I had a date night with two other good mom friends this week and it felt so good to get out, and who doesn't enjoy a big juicy burger and onion rings past their bedtime? 

-Speaking of burgers, I was only able to get the gym once this week due to Oliver's feeding schedules, and when I was beating myself up for not working out, I looked at Oliver and thought, whose body is more important? Mine or Olivers? Olivers. It is more important that I get the rest that I need and the food that I (shamelessly) eat to supply milk for this growing baby's body. If I can't make it at 5 am, I miss out and that's okay.

-We LOVE when Marshall is home from work. We all wish it happened more often. We always have plans to get all sorts of things done, but there is never enough time. We'd all rather lay around and snuggle. This is why our projects take forever to get done.