Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

I am turning 30 in the next couple months and I can't quite get over it. I mean, I feel like 30 is an age  appropriate for the stage of life that I am in, but at the same time I still feel too young. The memories that I have of being a teenager or early twenties seem so close that it is hard to take in that I am getting older! I am in major denial, but so looking forward to the years ahead. These are the years where I will experience the most joy and exhaustion, I am sure of it.

Here are some fun facts from the week:

I schedule our days around naps.

I've been at the gym and working out as hard as I can in under an hour or so. It's not easy!

Oliver is rolling from side to side and is holding his head up high and proud.

I have been as active as I can about keeping the boys from getting bored, because I swear they are getting into trouble because they are bored. These little workbooks are great for about 2 seconds and then they want to get crazy again.

We've been baking brownies and helping in the kitchen. Ezra really like to dry the dishes and Eli likes to set the table.

Ezra had a follow up on his ears. They look perfect and his hearing is perfect. The boys have had colds and we were so happy that Ezra hasn't complained about his ears popping or hurting.

-As hard as Ezra has been on me, I still love him more than anything (Obviously, I do). He is such a ball of light and joy with more intellect than even he is aware. I feel like everyday I am getting to know him a little better and some days are just easier than others. 
I don't know what I would do without Marshall and his spreadsheets. I am so grateful he is so organized and takes such good care of the needs of our little family.  
Marshall went golfing with a friend today and he was pretty excited about it. I am happy he is able to get out and do something fun once in a while.

Oliver is seriously so squishy that it is almost hard to hold him, I sometimes feel like he can roll right out of my arms!
And Elias is mastering this big brother thing with grace. There are some days where he doesn't want much to do with Oliver and others where he can't leave him be. But everyday, he will always give him the sweetest hellos.
We have been finding Ezra in the silliest sleeping positions lately. I mean, hanging almost off the bed... puzzles and pieces on his face. He is so busy and then he crashes! I remember as a little girl falling asleep upside down with my legs on the wall (because the wall was cold) anyone else do that?

Last weekend, Marshall and I came up with the best ideas for our fall home school preschool for Ezra and Eli and we are so excited to get going.

Another hot weekend ahead, I am hoping to put the boys in suits and let them run through the sprinklers to cool down. 

Have a good weekend!