Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

At last minute, I decided to take the boys to the splash pad. Eli's still getting over his cold, but we needed to get out of the house and thought some fresh air would do him good. 

As a mother of three now and an old regular at the splash pad, I know now what I need to bring and what I can leave at home. I always pack snacks, water, dry clothes and underware/diapers, and towels. I had my backpack/diaper bag for Oliver and another little bag that hung to the handles of our sit and stand stroller. Eli rode in front and Oliver sat in his car seat while Ezra skipped along the side of us as we wheeled up to the park. The boys were a little hesitant to dip their toes in the cold water and played at the park beside the splash pad until they were hot and ready to cool down. As I watched the boys run off in the mulch and climb their way up to the pirate ship deck, I scanned the area. "Who am I going to be friends with today...." I thought, alone and pushing what felt like a Cadillac filled with bags of kid stuff. 
Ahead of me were a few moms with their adorable spandex outfits and their perfectly sculpted shoulders. Their ponytails were finished tight and smooth and their babies never left their fit little hips. Off to my right was an older mom, who was in a full swim gear running after a wild child who didn't really look like could be hers. The SAHM dad group talked amongst themselves glancing up often to watch their children playing and then I saw her... sitting comfortably on the bench, her gray hair was perfectly set and trimmed meticulously around her ears. She had in her lap a romance novel and she had wads of kleenex in her waistband of her coral pants that she used to wipe her granddaughter's nose. This was my girl. 
I rolled my stroller just past her and parked it. I slid next to her saying hello and pointed out who my kids were, and asked her about hers. For the next hour, we laughed together and talked small. 
I was happy to have made a friend but also realized that I am not so sure where I fit in (stereotypically) as a mother outside of my own home.

I walked over to Ezra as he actively steered the pirate ship and Eli looked out through the binoculars. I noticed that he had also made a friend, his wore a teenage mutant ninja turtle shirt. Ezra smiled from ear to ear and proudly announced to his new friend, "See! That's my mom!" .... "Hi, mom!"

And my heart swelled.
This is where I fit. 

Ezra was so proud of me in a moment where I was feeling like a loner and then I realized how loved I am and how wonderful I am in the eyes of my children. It was such a sweet moment and I can't even begin to describe the joy it brought to my day. 
It also made me so grateful that my children are so forgiving.
 They have definitely seen me at my worst but still love me and need me because they know I love them and need them. 

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

-Ezra doesn't nap. He told me this week that he doesn't like that we take naps because he is all alone. He also told me that he doesn't nap because he doesn't want to miss out on anything but I assure him that he isn't missing out on a thing.

-If Oliver's nap schedule is out of sync with Eli's, I lay him next to me in our bed and close my eyes and hold his little hand while he chatters. I don't think I get a "Real" nap in, but I sure try. He falls asleep eventually. I love watching him when he sleeps. He is so perfect.

-Marshall made dinner on the fly for us Sunday before he had to run out for a meeting and I loved that he was wearing an apron.

-Ezra creates with his hands and his legos what he makes up in his mind. I always tell him how incredible he is and he modestly responds with, "I just make whats on the pictures, mom" But, still! I can't think like he thinks.

-Ezra was so curious of how grass grows so I ordered a little grass kit and we are growing grass. It hasn't started to germinate yet, but everyday the boys run up to it to check and see the progress. I really hope it grows otherwise we are going to have some pretty disappointed little boys.

-Oliver can sit in his bumbo, now! He doesn't last too long before his little neck gets tired and he rests his head on his shoulder or slumps forward, but I am proud of what he can do. 

-I told Marshall that I cannot let these kids keep me from getting things done- this was while I was at the grocery store with all three of them. It's easy until you have to check out, and then it is chaos. Except this time, Ezra asked what he could do to help, and he bagged the groceries. He was the best helper! And, while I pushed our car cart with all three kiddos and loads of groceries, everyone was so friendly and kind. One woman complimented the boys on how well behaved they were and also how beautiful they were. Another man stopped and asked if they were all mine and another man asked if the baby in the carseat was also a boy, sharing that he has three boys himself and how awesome it is (now that they are teenagers) We must have been a sight to see because I felt like we kept getting stopped.

- Taking the boys to the splash pad this week was so fun for all of us. The boys have been playing a lot better in the last few days and I even heard Ezra say that Eli was his best buddy. I loved that.

-We pulled out the baby toys for Oliver and for some reason the boys were jumping up and down with excitement. They were SO excited to show Oliver their old baby toys and I was surprised to see that Oliver was actually ready and interested in them, too. I am happy that I pack these away and they are new again when they are pulled out.

-As I ran into the gym one morning this week, a man who I see every time I there ran ahead to grab the door for me. After thanking him, he said, "Didn't you just have a kid?" I blushed and responded, "I did..." Quickly he responded with,  "You look amazing!" And my day was made! I could have turned around, hopped in my car, drove home and went back to sleep. Marshall showers me with compliments daily, but for some reason, it's nice to hear that I am making progress with my workouts from a stranger. And he wasn't creepy about it either (Which is always comforting;)

I am so grateful for kind people and good kids this week. I have felt a lot of love these last few days, and I know it's because my Heavenly Father is aware of me and is placing people and my little ones on my path to help me along.

We are excited to go out with Marshall's brother to the city fair. We haven't seen him since we were in Utah and now he is back to stay (for a long while, we hope!)