Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

Oliver turned 4 months last thursday. I don't know how it happened, but it did! In the past four months, we have been to many doctors visits for each of the kids. Hospital visits for Eli and Ezra, we traveled to Utah as a family for a wedding, finished our basement and have done many family outings and have had lots of friends over to play or for dinner. I can barely keep up with updating the blog because so much has happened. Here is what we were up to this week.

If you currently happen to have a baby in your home, you may know what I am talking about here, but there is such a sweet feeling that resides in the home when there is a baby there. I believe babies bring angels and the spirit in our home has been sweet and present. I have had hard days, but when I center myself and lower my voice and remember the spirits that circle about my baby, I am easily calmed and able to keep the warm feelings from escaping through the cracks. My children are so sensitive and I know it is because they feel the spirit, they are gentle and kind with Oliver and recognize that they also need to be at peace because there is a baby in our home. (Of course, they have their super wild moments--but they are aware!) I can't imagine having a baby in my home and every little bit older that Oliver becomes, I want to cry! I can't imagine not having that sweet feeling in our home after having it baby after baby. (I guess we will have to have babies forever ;)

Oliver had his 4 month check up. He weighs 14 lbs
 and is 25 inches long! He is actually on the charts. Ezra and Eli were both barely on the charts and Oliver is a monster compared to them. 
Oliver has also been sleeping the night these last couple days as well.

I have been bringing Ezra along  to help with errands and appointments and dropping Eli off at his friends. Ezra is loving the responsibility and has been a great help to me. He held Oliver's feet when he got his 4 month shots while telling him to be brave. I couldn't have done it without him.

Eli is going through a "waking up grumpy phase" and it is the worst. I try my best to soothe him when he wakes without using technology, but sometimes I am so tempted. 
He is usually soaking with sweat, and screaming mad. But I hold him close, even as he tries escaping my hold and talk to him softly, reminding him to use his words so I can understand him.
It takes a few minutes for him to pull out of it, but we get there. I usually have to bribe him with some crackers to completely settle and usually when he is better, he'll calmly say., "All done crying"

We are going to start Potty Training Eli on Monday. We went to the store and picked out underware, treats, juice and a BIG toy for when he is completely potty trained (we will come back and get him as a reward for going on the potty all by himself!) I don't know about you, but I am all about the bribes with potty training. Ezra will also be helping Eli next week. Heaven knows, I will need all the help I can get! We will give it a shot and if it doesn't go as planned, we will try again another time. I am not going to push it. That's not good for anyone.

-We met our friends at the nature center this week and had a great time. The weather has basically been perfect and the kids had a blast running the trails. Ezra thought it was pretty funny that he could look all his friends in "prison" I was hoping we wouldn't get kicked out.

-After the boys were in their rooms for the night, Marshall and I were hanging out downstairs and catching up. As we headed back upstairs, we found Ezra totally snoozing at the top. That little rascal was eavesdropping and fell asleep doing it.

-Have you ever had your skin checked for irregular moles by a dermatologist? My friend, Bart is amazing and was able to get me right in to check me out and of all the little freckles and moles on my shoulders that I was concerned about it was the little mole on my belly that I didn't think was an issue that I actually have to watch! I am so glad that I went, and I recommend everyone to get checked, especially if you have spent a lot of time in the sun or tanning beds. We need to take care of ourselves!

-Marshall and I were comparing bicep strength this week. I am convinced I am stronger. 

- We are taking a family trip to Duluth tomorrow! Catching a ride on Thomas the Train for the third year in a row. I am  looking forward to getting away with the family, even if it is just for the day. The boys get so excited and it makes everything so fun.

-I really want to see Jimmy Fallon. I think we would be best friends if we ever met. 

- A couple weeks ago, I was able to meet up with a friend whom I had only known online (I know it sounds silly, but we met through a mutual friend and were acquaintances online for years) She was in town visiting family and came over. Her boys are the same age as mine and we hung out for the afternoon and it was like she was my long lost best friend! I wish she lived here so we could hang out more. I was so happy to have finally met her in real life!

- I picked up this adorable responsibility board for Ezra and we are all excited about it.

- Halloween costumes were ordered and delivered this week. I'm on a roll. I am considering on starting my Christmas shopping.

-I feel like I have been asked by a lot of people lately how it is to have three children, and I have to say what I have told them. I swear, it is easier having three than two! If you have two and it's crazy, have another!;) It will be easier! And good luck ;)

-Have you had the blizzard of the month, yet?  I have! It's delicious! 

-Oliver is rolling from side to side and when I have thought he was rolling from back to belly, it was actually Ezra flipping him over... so if I said he could do that, he actually can't. I caught Ezra helping him.

We have a fun day ahead and I can't wait to share photos from our past weekends and of our trip tomorrow! Stay posted!