Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

 When was the last time that you let the light of the sun hit your back while you stared at your shadow? When was the last time you noticed your shadow on the wall staring perfectly back at you?
I watched Eli find his shadow. He slowly walked up to it and hesitated to touch it. He reached his hand out and realized quickly that what he recognized was that this figure, was in fact, his own. I watched in awe of his curiosity and admired how simple and wonderful our mundane lives can be sometimes.

Here are a couple fun facts:

-We started off so strong with the potty training but after 3 days, we decided we will try again when he is 3 or around then. It was an exhausting few days and he's still so little, this stressed him out and rocked his regular routine. I remember doing this with Ezra,too. It's okay to take a break and come back to it when they are just a few months older. If it was up to me, he'd be in diapers until he was 8 because Potty training is the WORST! 

-Sometimes I stop everything to have a quick photo session for Oliver. I am desperately trying to hold onto every sliver of time with him. Because his little body and brain are growing at a speed that I am not capable of keeping up with. My kids are wearing shoes that are too small and pants that are too short, because I am in denial of their actual size. Time is moving too fast, and if there is one thing that I can control it is documenting the present time. And I am doing my best to keep up.

-The boys photo bomb the photos after a few clicks of the camera. They can't help themselves.

-When the rain subsided we made our way outside. It was gorgeous, I am loving the cooler temps and so looking forward to the fall!

-Ezra has been running REALLY fast lately. ;) He thinks he is as fast as the Flash and of course we tell him that he is.

-Ezra has been learning hard about being a good/better listener lately. And learning the hard way. I am not repeating myself these days. You hear it once- and if you ignore me, you get either privileges taken away or toys taken away. I've had many heart to hearts to him about learning and listening being an important part of our everyday. He knows that if he isn't listening- he isn't able to learn and that's unfortunate, because there is SO much to learn!

-Eli is communicating with us on a higher level these days, he is understanding consequences, He is understanding love, and empathy. He is learning to use his words instead of actions and he is understanding a little more everyday about being HIM. We can't possibly get enough of him. He has the coolest personality and the sweetest spirit.

This week, I was a part of not 1, but 3! meetings about homeschooling. 
I met with a good friend about our JoySchool co-op that we are starting mid September and also for Ezra's future education as a home schooler. As always, I feel so encouraged and supported in my ventures to teach my children. I may be a little too proactive about this- but I want to know exactly what I need to do to ensure my children's education is something that they find joy in, love and look forward to, not something to dread or be intimidated by. 

At one of the meetings this week, they offered a little karate class for the kiddos and Eli LOVED it. Ezra liked it (just a little) and said that he could tell Eli liked it more than him. I love that Ezra is learning what he likes and doesn't like. Watching him understand this about himself is teaching us as parents of who he is becoming and what truly brings him joy. He is different than Eli. (We have talked a lot about that, too) What Eli likes, isn't going to always be what Ezra or Oliver and we like. We are emphasizing that we are all different and we all have different gifts and that's what makes us special.

I have been trying to get to the gym as much as I can (Which is HARD!) And knowing how hard this is, I figured that I do have control over what I eat when I can't get a workout in. This past Sunday, I meal prepped! I made enough grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and oven roasted sweet potatoes for Marshall and I's lunches this week and it was amazing. I feel so good eating healthier and I am more aware for how I eat throughout the day making a little extra effort planning in the beginning of the week. I am going to continue to do this with different recipes and see how it goes!

Ezra: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!
Me:  I am not sure? What are you thinking, Ezra?
Ezra: Are you thinking about a Duck..sitting on a carrot...sitting on a dog?
Me....Nope.. Not thinking that..

Ezra has been saying the best things and telling us the best stories. I am loving his imagination.

We are looking forward to this weekend. Marshall's parents are leaving for Albania to serve a mission for 18 months, so we are hosting a little farewell party with the family. 
I am serving Albanian food! I am so excited to make some new and exotic recipes. 

Have a great weekend!