Monday, August 10, 2015

My Monday

Going to the bathroom is one of those everyday things that we just do without thinking. I know that I take this mundane task for granted. I mean, I sense that my bladder is full from the bottle of water that I drank, and I walk to the bathroom and just go. But trying to teach someone who can barely form full sentences And to recognize the "feel to go" is absolutely obnoxious. Or how to keep his pants dry, he doesn't even know how to control that! What are we thinking even considering potty training?

Well, Today, I imparted on the dreaded and long put off task of potty training Eli. By 9 am he had approximately 8 accidents including pooping in his new underware. I wanted to quit! In between nursing, and desperately trying to keep Ezra involved and also busy, setting timer after timer and literally grabbing Eli under his armpits mid-pee and racing to the bathroom---- I wanted to lay him on the floor and put a giant diaper on him and forget the whole task! But he DID go! In fact, he filled his little chart with 8 avengers stickers before the end of the end of the day and had plenty of gummy worms to prove it. It is these mini successes that make this somewhat impossible and daunting task completely do-able! Every time he happened to successfully make it to the potty, I literally sang an obnoxious "You did it!" song that I made up uniquely on the spot. His face beamed and his little soul was filled with joy each and every time he would go because I was there for every triumphant squat on that potty. He had my undivided attention ALL day. I was only able to shower when he and Oliver napped. And a shower is also one of those mundane tasks that we seem to take for granted. 

I am so proud of Ezra for being such a great supporter for Eli, he was a little cheerleader as he stood outside the bathroom door and fistpumped for Eli every time he tried the potty. 
I am so grateful for Marshall. Without his encouraging text messages and kind words throughout the day I would be bald from pulling my hair out after all the accidents first thing this morning.

There was a moment where I had just finished feeding Oliver and Ezra was begging to mark something off his responsibility chart, so I had him help me with making his bed and getting dressed. While I am helping him, I got a whiff of something.... ELI! I caught him pooping his pants while he stared at his potty charts. I grabbed him and carefully tried to roll his messy underware down his leg trying not to smear the mess everywhere. I failed. I sat him on his potty and as I tried to clean his messy underware in the toilet, all while hearing Ezra laughing hysterically at Oliver. (This usually means he is up to something--) I peeked at Ezra and Oliver to find that Ezra was squeezing Oliver's nose shut and as Oliver would gasp for air and turn purple, Ezra would crack up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I scolded Ezra as I held a wet pair of poopy underware and looked back at Eli to see he is smearing his poopy bottom all over his potty chair. I continued to yell at Ezra from the bathroom and grabbed Eli and put him in the tub and washed him up as fast so I could keep an eye on each of the boys. Then I disinfected the potty chair, because THAT was absolutely disgusting. It was in this hot mess of a moment that I thought how grateful I am for my mom and for teaching me to do things for myself and for not giving up. Not just potty training. But all things! Life is not easy and teaching and guiding children to not have accidents (or mistakes in their lives) is exhausting. But as mother's, we do the best we can and pray that Heavenly Father will meet us half way. Because I know he does.

Marshall came home and I immediately told him to suit up. He was in the ring. I made dinner and he manned Eli. It was weird to have a moment to breathe and to do something besides stare at Eli or clean up a mess. 

As with most Mondays, I am so so grateful for Tuesdays.