Monday, September 28, 2015

Corn Maze//2015

We thought it would be a good idea to get the kids out of the house after being cooped up in the hospital. We packed them up and headed to the corn maze Saturday and after only being there for a little while, we learned it probably wasn't going to be as fun as it has been in the years past.

The weather was perfect and the air smelt of mini donuts and french fries. It would have been the perfect day to be at the corn maze as a family if we were rested and healthy- but we were all exhausted and unfortunately we didn't last long, but we sure tried!

Eli was still smiling through his coughing and exhaustion and even though he was still clingy to us, he seemed to be having a better time than Ezra.

Ezra ran and jumped over the hay bales and sometimes missed and fell, scraping his legs up. He enjoyed it though! When we went into the corn pit after, he cried and wailed! The corn starch irritated his scratches and he became an instant lunatic and we couldn't get out of the corn pit fast enough.

Oliver loves his life and is happy anywhere. I am cherishing his sweet and flexible personality right now.

Eli loved the corn pit. And we have been finding corn kernels around the house since.

An attempt at a family photo.
I can't wait to try again next year and pray that everyone is rested and happy so we can fully enjoy our time at the corn maze.

Some photos found on my phone.