Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Photos and updates from the last few weeks.

Our lives have been passing before us and I am hardly keeping up!

We sent Marshall's parents off.
They are currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Albania (South Adriatic Sea Mission)

We visited them at their church building to hear their farewell talks.
We had to get photos of them with the boys because they will be gone for 18 months and with kids, this is a long time! My boys will all seem so big and old by the time they get back.

We know they are doing the Lord's work and couldn't be more proud of what they are doing.

They stopped by one more time before leaving and were able to play ring a round a rosie with the boys. It was good fun for the boys and perfect way to send them out.

Eli also had to say good bye to his buddy, Dusty who left for college. Dusty was Eli's helper at church on Sundays and Eli loved him. He talks about him as his friend and it is so sweet to see them together, I can tell Dusty cares for Eli and looks out for him.

Eli was hit with another nasty cold (this was a few weeks ago) Which led us to giving him his nebulizer treatments. The only way we can get him to sit through these is by playing superman theme songs. He requests medicine just to watch the superman "show"

I have been trying to keep the boys creative and busy. We have been doing a lot of painting lately and the boys can't get enough of it. Even I sat down and painted and couldn't believe how therapeutic it was. I need to make more time to sit and do that more often.

Oliver is past the 5 month mark-- I don't know how he is already rolling around and having a personality of his own, but he is! And it's awesome and terribly devastating at the same time!
 My boys are OBSESSED with Star Wars they know far more about star wars than I though possible at their ages, but it is fun!
When we walked into Target and saw this, they died! We love Target, but now it is on a whole other level.
We are trying to soak up the few days of summer that we have. The days are getting shorter and even though the weather has been pretty nice, I know it won't last long. 
We haven't taken nearly enough walks this summer. But we did manage to get out a couple weeks ago.

Marshall and I are trying to get the boys out on one-on-one dates when we can. This has made such an amazing impact on each of them individually, even if it to go grocery shopping. They are learning to do and to be useful, while having fun and bonding with mom or dad. Eli's treat for helping me at the grocery store- on this trip we picked up a special something for Ezra, and Eli was so excited to surprise Ezra when we got home. These dates are starting to be my favorite things to do.

Getting the boys out and to run the parks are always a good idea. I have had a calendar packed far too full lately, and when there is a cancellation or a moment to get out, I have been desperately trying to take advantage of it.

I am slowly getting to photos that have been on my phone and my camera the last couple weeks. It's becoming hard to keep track of everything we have been doing. 

More to come.