Saturday, October 10, 2015

Apples to Apples.

I made sure to keep our date to the Apple Orchard this week. Marshall and I were dog tired and after another long week and a never ending list of things to do, we knew we couldn't stay in. The weather was too good, we had to get out with the kids to enjoy it.

The apple orchard was perfectly filled with families young and old 
The leaves were crunchy and the apples were scattered all about.

The boys were able to run free as they soaked in the autumn scenery.

As the boys waited patiently in line to get on the hayride, we stood at the top of a hill. I moved the stroller behind Marshall, scooted infront of all the boys and tried to quickly snap a selfie. Marshall then asked, "where's the stroller?" .. "Behind you..."
I panicked. I looked left and then I looked right. No stroller. No Oliver.
Then I looked ahead.... to see our stroller that had just rolled all the way down the hill. Oliver still in his carseat sweetly looking around and grasping his blue blanket with his chubby little fingers.

I could hear the giggles and the gasps from parents all around, but I couldn't help but laugh while I ran to save our runaway stroller and baby! Thankfully, he was safe! Don't forget to lock those wheels, people!

Here's some photos from our afternoon at the Orchard. Some courtesy of Ezra- can you guess which ones? He is a natural photographer. I love what his eyes see!