Sunday, October 4, 2015

Catch up.

"I am just so lazy today..." I said on a rainy afternoon, snuggling the boys.
"What does Lazy mean, mom?" Ezra asked. "Well, lazy means, not really wanting to do anything, wanting to just lay around..." I replied. "Oh!" said Ezra.
"Being a mom is hard sometimes" I said as I pushed myself of the couch

" You know, mom....Just be You" Ezra, insightfully proclaimed.

I have been thinking about this simple council given by my sweet son and am grateful for the depth it has resonated in my heart. "Just be you" Yeah! That seems a lot easier than being all the other labels that I tend to give myself( ie; mom,parent/teacher,wife,rs.counselor,business owner,friend,sister,auntie..) I can be me. I am great at being me. I am learning to become a better version of me through the countless lessons I am learning from my children, through answered prayers and through the workings of the Spirit. There are moments where sometimes I wonder who I am and who I am becoming. And I am grateful for the daily reminders that I am a divine daughter of God, who loves me and through His work and His word, I am uniquely ME. I am grateful to be able to make a difference in the lives of those around me by sharing goodness and love. This is exactly who I want to be and work to be.

Here are some things to get caught up on:

-Ezra is at this amazing time in his life where he is completely and utterly wonderful to teach and guide and make an impact on and to also feel horribly overwhelmed by his energy and intense personality that I want to lock him in his room. Some days are better than others, but we are trying out best to understand him at this age. (He will be 5 by the end of the month! Can you believe this?)

- Eli is back to his old self-- although, he is talking way more than before. Complete sentences, using words to explain how he is upset, or frustrated, happy or sad. The other night, Ezra held a swiffer mop over his shoulder and was "blasting" Eli with it, getting him wet. Eli marched up the stairs with Marshall and explained to him that he was "upset and wanted a new (dry) shirt" He is also making up jokes, that are actually pretty funny for a two year old.

-I am not sure if I have gotten around to mention that we started our home school preschool co-op with our dear friends, but we are a couple weeks into it, and it has been fun. The last couple weeks we have been learning about our bodies and our senses. We were able to explore our sense of taste with trying all sorts of different tastes and even finger painted with chocolate! (It took them a little while to figure out it was chocolate and when they did, they thought it was SO funny!)

-Oliver is filling out so much these days! He is looking more and more like his big brothers and I can't get enough of him. He is 6 months now, rolling back to belly and belly to back- but not quite rolling across the floor yet. He has one bottom tooth and another coming in and is drooling and sucking on anything that comes close to his mouth. With teething, he went from sleeping perfectly for the first 5 months, to be up like a newborn and wailing! So, we haven't been getting much sleep over here. 

-Ezra has been so sweet and helpful with Oliver. Eli hasn't really cared to have much to do with Oliver, but recently, through Ezra's sweet example, Eli is warming up to Oliver. He is giving him hugs and kisses and will even let me sit him next to him.

- Marshall and I are still counseling weekly together over our schedules. We have been SO busy- thank heavens for calendars that sync on our phones, otherwise we would never know what was going on. I live by mine!

-Ezra and Eli are in swim lessons and LOVE it. This is their date day with daddy. Ezra goes on a separate day than Eli, which makes it a little more special.

-Ezra is involved in a weekly lego class, and he is really enjoying it. He tells me all about the page they work on and the cool things they build. I was able to sit in on the first day, and my heart was beaming with joy as I watched him interact with the other children. He is one of the youngest in the group, but I was so impressed with how polite and assertive he was with the others.

-Our plans for our kitchen are still up in the air. We are still unsure where to begin on renovating it and making the kitchen more convenient for us without completely demoing it and starting new. The thought of it is too overwhelming and it keeps getting pushed aside. Thank heavens I am a pro at hand washing dishes and baking everything in a toaster oven. ;) Besides, I can't complain about anything, I feel so fortunate to have a warm home and warm food to eat as the weather gets cooler. I really don't need much.

- With another busy week ahead, Marshall and I are planning on taking the kids to the apple orchard this weekend. Even with all the crazy that has happened in the last few months, we have been able to do all the things that we have done in the past. The boys are starting to make memories of our family trips and we have made it a point to block days out in our calendar for family time. This is so important to each of us.

-Fall tv is back on, which means--- date nights from now on will be on the couch catching up on our favorite series. I love these nights!;) Now that our basement is complete and we have a television that we barely use, we just need a big comfortable couch to snuggle up on! 

-Every week I feel like I get ahead on the laundry and then I walk downstairs to another heaping, mountain. It never ends. Once it is all folded and put away--- I start over. 

-I was finally able to go through all the boys clothes and organize what fits and what needs to be tossed or boxed to be handed down and I am fairly certain that this is one of the WORST chores to do. I want to just throw all the clothes away that don't fit them any more. the last thing I want to do is refold them and store them. We are quickly running out of space. 

-We were able to gather together this weekend and here the prophetic and inspired talks during general conference. I love how I feel recharged and capable of so much love and good after these meetings.

I am trying my darndest to keep updating, but as you may know-- life gets away from me sometimes and I am doing my best to keep up.