Friday, October 9, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

Would you believe me if I told you that the next 5 photos were taken by Ezra. I had no idea that I even had these on my camera until I uploaded them, and it was such a sweet gift to find! He was able to catch  me nursing Oliver on the couch at mid morning, and it might possibly be my most favorite photo of me as a mother. I am not sure why, but I am feeling all sorts of feelings when I look at it.

The things he captured on camera perfectly displayed the things he enjoyed at that moment. It was his way of instagramming and I love it. When I asked him why he took photos of the things he did, he said he took pictures of the things he loved.

Here are a couple fun facts:

- I stopped separating the laundry by colors this week. I just dumped it all in and walked away. Have I mentioned that Marshall washes his own laundry? (he knows better)

- We ordered groceries online and had them delivered the next day. BEST THING EVER. I will most likely need to do this in the winter/coaching season. This week was so crazy there was no way I could get to the store with all the kids to get groceries.

- After much prayer and discussion with Marshall and Marilee (my great friend and joyschool co-op mom) we decided to split our group and do joyschool on our own, Our kids just to be wild and play, which is great, but not when we are trying to have school time. So far, it has been a great change.

- This week we learned about taking care of our bodies and being grateful for our bodies, I had a sweet experience this morning while waiting in the pediatric surgeons office (more on that another time) I had been on the phone with my mom on the way there complaining about how busy our lives have been and how we haven't been able to catch a break lately. As I sat looking at Oliver in his carseat, three children set in wheel chairs, unable to control their bodies, or their minds, were smiling. The sounds they made, weren't sounds of distress or discomfort, but sounds and squeals of happiness, Their mothers and aids kissed their cheeks and stoked their hair as if no one else was in the room. One of the boys seemed to be around Ezra's age and I turned my head away from him to blink back tears. Tears of love and of gratitude for his sweet spirit that filled my heart.I am so blessed to have my body,  grateful for my children's busy and active mind and bodies, and also for this boys joy that radiated throughout his unable, uncontrollable body. My problems seem minuscule and petty compared to what this little boy struggles with day in and day out- but his smile taught me such a beautiful and needed lesson this morning.

-I had a little taste of what it would be like to have a 6 year old, 2 sets of twins and a baby! We watched our friends (the Bahns) kiddos for them during dinner time and we had a great dinner! Marshall led the conversation and kept them mostly focused on eating instead of being restless (thank heavens for Marshall!) and then after dinner they were sent downstairs to play and they were so rambunctious! It was awesome to hear how alive our house became, but I don't think I could handle it for much longer than an hour ;)

-Ezra plays this awesome game with me. He puts a ton of legos into a sandwich bag, then he asks me if he can buy them (he wants me to pretend with him that we are at the store) So... of course I say yes! He gets so excited and runs off and opens up the bag and builds whatever lego set he pretended to have bought. This is one of my most favorite games! ;)

-I am LOVING having all boys! It is a busy life, but I feel so tremendously fortunate and blessed beyond measure to be their mother.

 - Oliver is 6 months! He is pushing 17 lbs and healthy! I started him on baby food this week and he is taking it down like he always had! He is a great eater and I think it is helping him sleep a little better at night.

-We had our first family of 5 photos taken Monday night, and I am dying to see them. The kids were running and running most of the time, but our photographer was amazing at wrangling them back in.

-We are planning on going to the apple orchard tomorrow and also a church picnic. I am so glad the weather is supposed to be beautiful! It will be so good to get out as a family again!

Have a beautiful weekend and kiss the ones you love.