Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

Ezra has had a one track mind this week. He is prepping everyone for his birthday. He is studying every single page of the toy ads in the recent catalogs we've been getting the mail (prepping for Christmas) We have had to tell him  a number of times that he probably won't be getting a certain toy because it is outrageously priced. After I explained to him what people pay to have their haircuts by me, I then explained to him how many haircuts I would have to do to afford a toy like the one he was interested in. He is putting together that work earns money, and money earns toys. So... you can guess he was ready to get to work to earn some money for his toys.
We started with picking up trash in the back yard. I was happy he was eager to get outside and get to work.

Yesterday, I had the day off to get work done around the house and to spend the afternoon with the boys, Ezra asked if I had any clients, when I told him I didn't, he huffed passed me and under his breath said, "I'm never going to get my toy" 

Here are some Fun Facts:

-We are learning about the Earth for the next couple weeks. This week, the boys made binoculars to see the world around them.

-Oliver had two bottom teeth! And he has not been afraid to use them.

-I made up songs for each of the boys before bed. They love them and insist on me singing them every night. And recently, they have requested that I sing "story songs" where I basically sing them a story that I make up on the spot. Usually, I am a real life musical. I sing about things we did during the day. They get so giddy that even standing in the dark of the room, I can feel them smiling.

- I feel like I have been unusually hard on my kids lately, and I found myself sneaking into their room and kissing their cheeks more than once this week.

 -Ezra had my camera again and couldn't help but to take more pictures of all the things that interest him. After the photos loaded, I clicked through to see what he managed to capture, I couldn't stop laughing at what I noticed in almost every photo. Can you see what is so funny?

- Just a selfie....

-We went on a nature walk Wednesday and the weather was perfect. 
We ended up being gone for almost 2 hours. 

- The boys faces in this photo are killing me.

-Marshall and I had reservations for dinner this week and last minute invited friends to come along- it was such a fun night!

- I haven't been to the gym in weeks. I have been kind of hard on myself about it, but I keep reminding myself that I won't be up in the night with a baby forever and I will get my early morning workouts back.

- Witnessing rare moments when my boys are kind and loving to one another are reminders that I am doing okay as a mother.

- I've been teaching Marshall the in and outs of online shopping.

- Christmas and Santa came up in conversation the other day, and when talking to Eli about Santa, I noticed Ezra walking backwards and start to breakdown. His hands covered his face and his shoulders started to shake and that's when I noticed him crying uncontrollably and through his shaky voice and tears,he was able to say "I have made so many bad choices!" He realized that because of the not so great choices that he has made, it may keep him from getting gifts from Santa this year. I explained to him, as my heart broke for his repentant little soul, that he has so much time to make better choices. (Atonement lesson at it's finest) and that we can start right away. 

- I am daunted by the task of teaching my children to read.

-Raccoons have been getting in our garbage outside, but then we saw a big fat dead raccoon in our neighbors lawn and now I'm wondering if we will still have raccoons in our garbage.

- Marshall and I both have had conversations with others where we realized how old we are getting. 

I have big plans this weekend. Just kidding.
I'm planning on deep cleaning the salon and the house if we can get to it.

Have a good one!