Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Facts Friday:

This fall weather has been absolutely perfect. 
My sister and her two boys got into town wednesday and the kids spent most of their time together chasing each other in the back yard. 
It's been a beautiful week but not without being a complete whirlwind. 

Here are some fun facts:

-I don't remember really roasting s'mores over a fire this past summer and we were excited to be able to do it this week. We forgot how much we loved them.

-Marshall's wise word for the boys this week have been "be calm and be kind"

-Neither Ezra or myself picked up the real camera this week, just phone photos today, folks.

-Ezra noticed the hair in my nose this week, which led to great conversation and teaching moment about the hair on our bodies and the purpose it holds. 

-Ezra also asked for a bell, so when dinner is ready, I can ring it. I love the idea!

-You may have noticed Marshall and Oliver's smiles are the same.

-We built Eli's bed and he has yet to sleep a full night in it, yet. For some reason he (and Ezra) have been making their little ways into our bed each night this week. Oliver must be getting another tooth, or he is growing, because this kid doesn't sleep either. We are TIRED!

-While Ezra was at lego class this week, I took Eli and Oliver to the thrift store and we walked out with fun dress up clothes to play in. Halloween time is the perfect time to add to our dress up bin.

-Ezra was a little disappointed in this tigger costume. He would have much prefered a super hero costume and he actually looked and felt ridiculous as tigger. I realised in this moment that he is not a little boy anymore.. he is just a boy!

-It's always so good to see my sister, it's like we've never been apart. The best thing is to see all the cousins togther. It's too fun! I was able to have them all to myself for the day, and as exhausting as it was, I had it totally under control! Thank heavens for netflix ;)     

-She also brought me an entire french silk pie.

-We bought a 52 piece bag of candy on saturday... and there are 5 left..... that's all I am going to say about that.

Our kitchen sink is clogged. And when I say clogged. I mean... permanently. Marshall's goal this weekend (my birthday weekend btw- is to install a garbage disposal and a new sink) Happy Birthday to me ;) 
- Because of the clogged sink, I have been trying to get out of making dinner all week. But ended up having to cook anyways... ugh..

-I feel like I finally am getting this parenting thing down lately. I am learning to plan months in advance for Holidays. Last minute planning only complicates things. I am grateful that I thought to buy Halloween costumes for the boys in August! Last weekend we even bought a sled and I picked up some things for Christmas! It is coming up fast!

-We are so excited for the weekend. There is a huge Halloween party ar my church tomorrow that I was part of planning and executing and I am praying it all comes together! And! Birthday dinner on Sunday with the family. 

Have a great weekend!