Sunday, November 1, 2015

Seven years.

Our engagement photo- summer 2008

Marshall and I laid in our bed with the sound of  Oliver snorting as he wiggled his body about. Ezra and Eli's morning voices were heard through the floors and  amplified through the baby monitor as they searched through diaper bags for breakfast and tried to entertain themselves until we were ready to wake up. I never would have imagined that this would be my life if you had asked me even just a couple years ago. 

You hear the term "seven year itch" and I have to say- our sixth year was the hardest year on our family. We really learned to rely on each others strengths when we were weak. 

Here are a some of the things that we tried to live by.

Be on the same team- even if you don't want to be
Adding our third baby, we realized quickly that a we desperately needed to be on the same page. We needed to be in constant communication with one another about everything or we would drown. Every week one of our kids(or us) had a doctor's appointment,dentist appointment or surgery scheduled and as parents, we have been overwhelmed with worry and concern. But because we had each other, we were able to get through it.

Support and encourage one another
We worked really hard to finish our basement this past summer, even in the midst of everything else we had going on. Marshall did a LOT of the work with help from a few good friends, but I needed to be patient and encouraging and supportive of all the projects, even though I just wanted it done! I am so grateful for all that he does to make our house a home and more livable for our growing family.

Laugh together- find the humor, especially when it is hard
Sometimes, the only way through a trial is to laugh about it. Thankfully, we have been able to laugh through a lot of the crazy this year brought into our lives and have been able to replay our most recent disasters with the best stories. We have been able to recognize the Lord's tender mercies in our lives and we are grateful!

Recognize each other's love languages 
Marshall and I both show love in entirely different ways. I show love how I want to receive love, as does Marshall. But we have learned that we need to be aware of the other's way of expressing love and what that means. Nothing tells me you love me more than taking out the trash for me and nothing tells marshall that I love him more than cuddling up close to him randomly throughout the day. We really have to work on this one! Our kids needs take a lot out of us and we have had to make a conscious efforts of the needs of one another.

Stop and Hug
In the midst of noise and chaos in our home of young boys, Marshall and I have a way of saying, "Stop, I need a hug" and allow the world to stop for a few minutes. I need these moments more than him, I think. But I am grateful he always holds me and calms me when I need it.

I often think of how much Heavenly Father loves me and knows me for giving me Marshall to have for all eternity. Marshall is loving, caring, dependable and dedicated to me and our family. He has committed to being my companion for longer than this life and everyday he proves his devotion to me by working hard and by blessing us with guidance and protection. 

It's been so fulfilling to watch as Marshall learned what his full capacity was to love. Having children focussed his perspective about life, what's important and about how much he can actually love someone. I am blessed to have him as such an honorable example of love for our boys.

I will love him forever and thank the heavens for him forever. I feel so rich to have so much love in my life.

Happy Anniversary, Marshall.