Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eli is THREE!

Oh, Eli. My sweet, special little boy.
This past year has been a hard one one on his little body. He was sick most of his life as a two year old. We are learning how to control his asthma and how to prevent any more runs to the ER. 
Eli is learning how to use his voice and his words and his little personality is surely his own.
He is as stubborn as he is snuggly. And he is as mischievous as he is funny. 
He doesn't sleep well when he is sick, but if you hold him close he will fall asleep immediately in your arms. His mind is sharp and when it comes to number flash cards, he can beat his big brother.
He remembers everything. And just the sight of something can trigger a memory that he will remind you of. He can jump on two feet for minutes on end. He is sometimes TOO helpful, but wants to help with anything and everything. He loves being outside with his big brother. He loves playing in the dirt and doesn't mind being messy, in the least (opposite of his big brother) He never feels like he needs shoes or socks.. or a jacket or sometimes even clothes. He instantly turns in to the hulk without a shirt and isn't afraid of anyone. He is a picky eater and prefers chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Spaghetti meat sauce and smoothies over anything else. He is ALWAYS happy and is learning to become so independent. 

Eli, as your mother, I have never felt so close to heaven than I have caring for you. 
I never question why you are were sent to us, I just thank God that you were.

Happy Birthday, Eli. 
I love you!