Friday, December 18, 2015

Fun Facts Friday!

Ezra circled an unsharpened pencil over my head saying,"Abbra cadabra.... Turn mommy into a girl hamster" what these boys don't know is that I woke up wishing I didn't have to be an adult and being a girl hamster didn't sound so bad. My mornings are so jam packed with routine that I am exhausted by lunch time. 
I've tried desperately to maintain a balance with salon work, house work,church responsibilities, activities with the boys and school time, but I feel like I am falling short everywhere. My solution lately has been to stop all the things that stress me out and sit with the boys. This seems like the best thing to do, until I see the laundry piling up and other projects left unfinished.The boys have been especially needy as of late. I am taking advantage of the warmer temps and and have been enforcing mandatory outside play, but someone always comes in crying and dirty. These boys are ruthless. 
 I am really looking forward to the New Year. I hope it smacks me in the face and gets me back into the swing of things. 

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

-I put a simple little Christmas tree in the boys room and I am so in love with it. The boys couldn't handle the excitement of it the first night but it's grown on them since. Now, Eli unplugs it and takes off his glasses, hangs them on the side of his bed and tucks himself into bed. I love how independent and assertive he is becoming.

-We celebrated Eli this past weekend and I wanted to cry on his birthday. "The days are long but the years are short" This is so painfully true. Especially as a mother. 
Since Eli turned three, he has been eating more vegetables (Wierd, huh?) and speaking in total full sentences and having REAL conversations with anyone and everyone (Mostly everyone) but he makes sense, talks about how he feels, what just happened, what he wants and all sorts of things. It's kinda my favorite thing right now, unless it happens at 12:30 in the morning, cause that's been happening. 

-Ezra and Oliver are quite the pair. Ezra can't leave him be. He is a little bit obsessed with him and Oliver is pretty fond of Ezra, too. I think they will continue to have a pretty sweet bond. I love watching Oliver's eyes on Ezra. He doesn't want to miss anything his big brother might do.

- Ezra is growing up. And almost right before my eyes. I am getting tiny glimpses of my children as teenagers or young adults and I have to swallow hard. I am reminded quickly how we have them for only a short amount of time before the world swallows them up and makes them adults.. I take countless amounts of photos to lock every memory I have of them in this age and time.

-Eli rolled down the stairs the other day and instead of crying for me, he cried and asked for Ezra to hold him and make him feel better. Ezra immediately went to his aid and held him until he was better. I wish he was this caring all the time. 
You may have notice that Ezra loves giving a thumbs up to the camera.

-Our tree has been undecorated and redecorated too many times. As you can tell, most ornaments are arranged higher to the top these days. No one seems to be able to leave the poor tree alone and to be honest, I hope it falls down on them so they learn a lesson.

-Marshall doesn't get to see the boys very much these days and Oliver almost knows that his dad wants to snuggle him when he gets home. He always wakes up for a short while to snuggle before going back to bed.
-Oliver has two top teeth coming in and he has been especially uncomfortable and vocal about it. He isn't normally so fussy and it's been hard on me. He is harder to soothe and to get to stay asleep during the night but I know this will pass. I wish I could help getting those teeth to come through. I have tried everything!

I am so excited for Christmas. I am especially looking forward to Christmas morning with the boys and all the yummy food I'll be cooking up in the kitchen. 
Marshall and I usually wrap all the gifts Christmas eve and place them under the tree for the morning. When the boys are so young, there is too much curiosity to keep them from opening them up beforehand and I know Ezra well enough to know that he would tell his little brother to open all the gifts so he could have them and so Eli could get into trouble. 

A couple last minute things to do and we will be totally ready, but, like Thanksgiving, I am trying to make this as stress-free as possible.