Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun Facts Friday:

Eli the night before surgery
The night before Eli's eye surgery, I held his face close and told him that I loved him. After kissing his cheek, Eli asked in his raspy little voice,"Mom, what does I love you, mean?" I was taken back by this question and also had to think about how I could answer this in a way a 3 year old would understand, because I wanted him SO badly to understand what "I love you" means from me, his mother."When mommy says, 'I love you', it means that you make all of me SO happy. It means that I want the best things for you, that I will help you whenever you need it, it means that I will hug you and hold when you need me and I will teach you everything I can."  I am not sure my children will ever know how much I love them, and how much joy they bring into my life, maybe not until they have their on children, but now, they know that I will hold them when they need to be held, I will help them when they need help and that they make me happy. That's how easy love is for them. Love isn't complicated. It is simply good. I hope everyone feels that kind of love in their lives.

Here are a couple things from our week:

Just before bed, night before surgery
- Last week we took Eli in for his annual eye exam. His eye glasses are currently at the max prescription to help his vision and correct his eye from turning in and at this point, there was nothing more that we could do to fix his eye and vision unless we went ahead with surgery to correct and repair them. So, we moved ahead with it. We were able to get in fairly quickly and it was really hard for Marshall and I to digest, we still had so many concerns and questions. I asked as many questions as I could and relied on the doctor's hands, his experience and his knowledge. We were grateful for the prayers that were said on Eli and our family's behalf.
 Eli's surgery went just as it was supposed to. He is still recovering and I don't think I will sleep soundly (that's not happening anyways) until his follow up appointment with his doctor. Marshall and I were both able to be with him in the hospital and were also able to be with him when they put him under. I didn't think I would cry, but I DID! I was actually a little mess! It was hard not to while I watch him go limp and his breathing grow heavy. I knew he was in good hands and I am glad Marshall was there- he was much stronger than I was.
Home from surgery. Eyes look pretty good here. He slept most the day and got up to eat a few times.
If you ask Eli what they did to his eyes, he will tell you that they turned them off. Which freaked me out, because I immediately started asking him questions like he was blind, but then realized it was because I was explaining to him that they were being fixed because they "turn in" and they will fix them so they don't do that anymore, so he got "turned off" out of that. ;)
Day three after surgery. He was super sensitive to light and his eyes look a lot scarier than the day of. (Of course you can't see that here) I can't wait to show you his new eyes when they are mostly healed.
- Oliver isn't allowing me to put him down these days which makes everything difficult. He has actually been sleeping a lot better at night which is a great trade off. I have been better about giving him table foods, I am always so late in the game about this. But he tried pancakes and eggs this week.

-Ezra has been working tirelessly on this little puzzle game and he is a master at it! I love that he can work on this quietly for a while, it is so good for his brain. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I know my brain could use a little working, too.

-I donated breast milk to a friends friend a few weeks back and totally forgot about it until an edible arrangement arrived at my door! What a wonderful surprise!!

-I actually separated our laundry by color this week!

- Our family van has been giving us some trouble the last few weeks. We've actually had to jump it every time we drove. But after taking it in, we were told that there is something on a certain fuse that is draining the battery, so now we need to pull the fuse before and after we drive it. It's super annoying, but I am trying hard to be grateful. It is funny though and I am sure I will laugh more later.

- Ezra has created (in his mind) an "Everything machine" he says, " it makes volcanoes explode, and candy canes hot and then, and another machine will make carrots into chocolate and the machine will blast and we will use paper and kleenex and seat belts and plastic to make the volcano hot and explode" (lol!) I like turning carrots into chocolate idea.

- Ezra is really into making a hypothesis. So we've had a lot f discussions on "what do you think will happen if....."

- I have been obsessed with mangos lately. I love them and can't get enough!

- My mom has been such a help, she is always willing to help me with my boys when I need it and I am so grateful for her.

-Marshall is keeping so busy with the swim season- we barely see each other and when we do, I swear it is a whirlwind.

-Eli is 98% potty trained. I am so proud of him!!

-I am waiting for my 2015 blog book to arrive in the mail and I am so excited to go through and flip through our last year. I am so happy we are adding to our collection of family year books.

- The last few months have been so insanely busy in the salon and in our calendars, and even though we are still busy, I've had a lot more one on one time with my boys and it has been so nice and needed for all of us. It's nice to have a more open calendar.

-I prefer to read and teach my children things versus sitting down and playing with them. I admit it... I don't like getting down on the floor and playing with my kids. But I will always teach them how to cook somethings, fold laundry or numbers or letters and I will always read to them. It's easier to play outside of the house. My mind can't rest long enough to relax and play while I am at home.

-All week long I have been thinking of "strengths and weaknesses" things that I am really terrible at and things that I am actually fairly good at and how there is nothing wrong with that! It's all ok! For everyone!

Looking forward to the weekend, mostly to lay on the couch with Marshall and doing nothing!