Friday, January 29, 2016

Fun Facts Friday::::

This past week, my homepages and facebook walls have been inundated with information. I feel overwhelmed with articles telling me what to say, and how to say it or how to parent, how not to parent, what to feed your children and what to teach them. It is TOO much! I appreciate well written and backed up information that I can apply to my life and that may benefit my family a lot of the time and some other times I wanna scream "SHUT UP", like "These are my children, not yours" or "I'm doing the best I can!" 
Why am I so bothered by this?
I feel like more and more articles, blogposts and photos these days aren't genuine or close to real life, everything is so nice and fluffy, it pulls you in and makes you want everything-- even someone else's lives and that's not real life.  We need to disconnect and appreciate life and the experiences we are given, we need to grasp to personal relationships and say what we feel, even if what we are saying isn't the "right" thing to say, we need to learn from one another and real situations and learn, grow and become a little better. 
I am trying to apply my own words to my life more these days. 
I make countless mistakes daily and say lots of stupid things at the worst times, but I am learning from these experiences and I am grateful for the forgiving souls that have to deal with me (mainly my family and my dear friends) 

Let's get to the what's new.

-The boys were outside playing in the snow while Oliver looked on from the window. He couldn't take his eyes off of them. I know he wished to be outside with them, and I wished we owned an appropriate snowsuit in his size.

-Oliver isn't crawling on his knees quite yet but has mastered getting into the sitting position from army crawling and he is so proud of himself. His eyes twinkle with delight and he let's out a scream everytime he does this to make sure we all see and praise him.

-Eli and Ezra's imaginations have been in hyperdrive lately, I know it's because they have no other choice but to pretend and imagine a world unlike their own. We have stayed in a lot with the cold weather brewing outside.

-I am challenging myself to make one "fancy" recipe a week. This week it was butternut squash sage rotini. It was delcious and Oliver loved it, too.

-Our family van may be replaced. It has been dead in the driveway for the past week and I am losing my mind. I don't even have places to go, but just knowing that I can't go, is making me crazy. Not to mention, there is always something broke at our house and I am going to have a serious mental breakdown. My mom says, "You need to write to Ellen Degeneres, she'll help you."

-Oliver has been such a great sleeper (dare I say that?) I was able to get to the gym 3 times this week! 5am workouts, I missed these!

- I am normally forced to shower and get ready for the day with clients on the daily schedule, but then there was yesterday where I put on stretchy pants and knew they weren't coming off. I emailed my friend who was coming to have her hair done in the evening to come comfy because I wasn't going to be putting real pants on.

-Ezra and I went on a date to the Minnesota Orchestra Hall this week. He told me later he didn't love it. He was even saying prayers before we left that he would like it... I am glad he stuck it out.

-I am still manipulating our schedules around our mandatory quiet/nap time. Eli will sneak into my room and hang his glasses on my table and slip under the covers but never actually naps. I am grateful that my children can be bribed with treats if they play quietly so I can shut my eyes for just a few minutes.

-Marshall has been working 75 hour (sometimes more) weeks. He is tired and always nice. I could never be nice after working such long weeks. We sure love him. 

Check out Eli's eyes! Don't they look great?! He looks like a new kid! We are noticing that he doesn't care to have his glasses on like he used to, maybe because the prescription is too hard for him now that his eyes are aligned (we'll know more later) but his vision seems better! 

This past Sunday, I was feeling good. I showered, shaved my legs, put on my sunday best clothes and went to church with my family. I was whispering I love yous to Ezra in his ear during our sacrament service and he looks up at me and says calmly and confidently, "Mom. You have something in your nose, all caught up in the hairs" And I literally DIED! I couldn't help but crack up laughing and felt totally humilited at the same time. Of course I was flaring my nostrils at Marshall while trying to be reverent to make sure there wasn't anything still in my nose. Thank you for keeping it real, Ezra.

I am always so happy when the weekend rolls around. Have a good one!