Friday, February 12, 2016

Fun Facts Friday:

I have had small glimpses into my future with my children as they are growing up. They are learning and understanding more and more things and my heart could burst with joy. Everyday we are learning something new together, the adventures that we embark as a family through the books we read, the things we are learning about and life experiences has strengthened our love for one another. I am noticing a  much closer bond with Ezra and Eli in the past couple weeks and I know it is because I am making a much more conscious effort to teach them together at the same level- of course, Eli wanders around a little bit and can't focus as long, it doesn't limit him from knowing and hearing what we are trying to learn about. He is picking everything up. Homeschooling Ezra (and Eli) in the fall has been on my mind constantly- whether or not this is the right thing for us, and our family and for ME.  And I have had positive nudges more recently that is confirming my decision that this is what we should be doing. Not without hesitation though, there is so much for me to learn!

Here are some fun facts:
-Last week the boys couldn't get enough of the snow. Even Oliver needed to be out there (he didn't stay out too long, the suit we have for him isn't waterproof-- just snuggly and warm)

-Ezra is still enjoying anything "ancient egypt" this week we discussed civilizations, trading and the nile river. I can't believe my 5 year old is so interested in all of this. It has been fun to relearn all of this. 

-Eli has been going through an obvious growth spurt. He is eating everything and has been extra sleepy lately. I can't keep up with these boys!

-Oliver has mastered pulling himself up and is starting to barely walk along side the couch.
- Our van is fixed and we are still staying in! ha! 

-Marshall and I are planning on getting a dumpster again and go through our house and clean it out. We have been talking about moving a lot in the past year and we are trying to get our things in order to finally do it. We live on a very busy and dangerous street and would like to find a place (not far from where we are at currently) with a nice yard and neighborhood for our boys. 

- I am obsessed with hard boiled eggs in salad. 

- The people at our local Dairy Queen know me and even give me extra punches in my card for my loyalty. 

-Music playing through our house helps keep things calm. There is such a power with music that can even calm my crazy and rambunctious boys. It's magical.

- Someone handed off the Frozen cd to us and it was on repeat for a few days, then I hid it. The boys would replay track #1 over and over and pretend they were "working men" and rearrange all the pillows in our house (pretending they were ice blocks) I was losing my mind but so happy they were keeping busy.

- My workout clothes sat on my bathroom counter everyday this week ready to go. But every morning I decided to sleep in a little longer. There's always next week.

-I recently switched laundry detergent and it has changed my life. Not that it makes our clothes any cleaner, but they smell SO GOOD. I am not kidding when I tell you it has made me a happier person! 

-We have started a book called, "teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons" and it is working! We are a couple  lessons in, but he is finally starting to pick it up. It is very exciting for me, this has been one of my major worries as a parent teacher (for some reason)

-We are looking forward to Valentines day. We don't ever make real plans, especially with the kiddos but every year we have a nice dinner as a family at home and set the table nice, and we eat by candle light. The boys LOVE it  (eating with the lights odd) and I hope that they take this tradition on with them later on.

-I loved watching Ezra write out his name on his valentines, he was so proud to be able to give something to his friends.

-Last week, we dropped something off for a babysitter that had fallen and hit her head pretty hard and when we got into the car, Ezra said, "I'm so happy I could cry!" I love being able to watch my children experience joy by doing good things for others. 

- I can't stop dreaming of the summer for some reason. My boys are at such great ages to take them places, and I am looking forward to being out with them. Even Oliver will be easier! 

Have a wonderful and love filled weekend. 

Here are some photos from the last two weeks.