Monday, March 14, 2016

Catch up::

I just scanned my living room and I see a laundry basket of my clothes, folded neatly and piled high waiting to be put away. (This basket has been in on my list for 5 weeks, and I am not kidding.- I basically live out of it now- I see it when I close my eyes) Another basket of the boy's laundry folded and waiting to be put away in their drawers. I walked past their room earlier and noticed all of their costumes strewn across their floor along with action figures, legos and gi joes, and I don't want to go in there. I don't want to see it. There are Mr. PotatoHead parts all over the floor and Oliver is currently holding the little blue purse while boogers run from his nose and off his chin. Ezra and Eli are fighting over... anything and the pillows from my couch are being pulled off and used and shields. I have so much to do and literally no desire to do it. 
I chewed up the last of my lunch and spooned some applesauce into Oliver's mouth when the weight of my overwhelming tasks were weighing on my shoulders and a sweet little voice from the kitchen said, "Mom- do you feel happy?" I didn't want to tell him the truth. I didn't want to tell him that I was "unhappy" because I AM happy-- just overwhelmed and exhausted. So I told him that I had a lot on my mind. Which is true. My mind is spinning and I can't seem to get a grasp on much these days without being distracted and unable to finish a simple job or project. Putting a show on for the boys helps me with getting things done, but then leaves me feeling an enormous amount of mom guilt that I just feel like I am losing everywhere. 
So. Today, I am letting myself lose in other areas to win at updating my long awaiting blog.
I love being able to keep up to speed with our family, but life is moving faster than I can handle these days and it is hard to get a moment to do this. 

Here are a few things that have happened in the last month.

-Marshall's coaching season is over! Hooray! We are starting to get into the groove of him being home early and it's been so wonderful to be able to have dinner as a family again.

- The weather has been so nice that the boys have been spending as much time as they can handle digging in the dirt, climbing the piles of sticks or playing with their toys in the backyard. Ezra has mastered climbing up and over the fence and everytime he does this, I freak out at him and make him come inside. 

- Eli's eyes seem to be healing as they should. Still a tiny bit red on the inside corners, but are aligned! He had a cold for 2 weeks straight and is barely over it. And last saturday, while trying to step out of a laundry bin (stacked inside another) he tipped and fell on his shoulder, breaking his collar bone. He screamed and cried and for being tough with so many other things, I knew this was more serious. He broke his clavicle. I don't think it was a "real bad" break because a week later he is fine! Once in a while, he will say his arm hurts if it gets knocked or he falls on it, but we are trying to keep him safe and reminding Ezra to be careful with him. He also currently has an ear infection that we are treating. I packed him and the boys up first thing last Thursday morning and took him in after being up all night complaining about his ear hurting and I knew we needed to take him in, (He usually never complains.) But he is a trooper. He is doing great, and I am more worried about Oliver and his cough and cold than Eli and that is a first. Usually Oliver is the least of my worries. He is so quiet and content- he is easy!

-Oliver is crawling around much more confidently. He is walking along furniture and will let you hold his hands and walk for a little bit. He is jabbering a LOT (says mama, baba, and this afternoon, I swear he said,"ball") and waves hello, goodbye and goodnight. He understands when I sign "more" "food" and "all done" and he gives me a big smile in agreement. 

- Marshall and I purging trash and junk from our basement starting tonight and I am considering a garage sale to get rid of furniture that we don't currently use. 

-I have these great intentions and ideas of doing things and then when reality sinks in, I realize I don't have the time to do it- ie: I had this idea of sharing the stories that I tell my children before bed with people who cared to read and share them with their own kids (via facebook) and realized quickly that I don't have much time to do this! I don't know what I was thinking. BUT I still love this idea and hope to update little by little if I can. Last night, I heard Ezra say under his breath as he crawled under his covers, "I love mom's stories" and that's enough for me. My children are my most important audience.

-I brought the boys along to my great-grandmas 93rd Birthday! She asked if my kids have been healthy and then she said, "I remember when children were sick with scarlet fever" I can't imagine seeing and experiencing all that she has. I love getting snippets of her life when I am with her. She is such a treasure. 

Here are some more photos and updates:

Ezra proudly holding his lego project that he completed on his own for his first science fair day. He did such a great job and was so excited to show his friends what he accomplished.

Ezra's drawing of a tickle monster. I LOVED his perspective.

We watched my friend's daughter for her and Ezra was in love. Here they are doing dishes together and it was adorable.

My boys are OBSESSED with books on tape/cd and Eli will sit like this forever while listening to the cds. We currently enjoy starwars on cd.

When Eli is grumpy in his Elmo costume. I can't help but love it. And by the way, he is a three year old and I forgot how naughty and grouchy three year olds can be. man alive is he testing me these days!

Oliver loved his first walk sitting up as a big boy in the stroller and not confined in his carseat! 

Ezra working the camera. He will tell you that his head is sweaty from running around outside.

Oliver is the messiest eater. He likes to squish in between his fingers ANYTHING that you give him and then he smears it over his face and in his hair, so sometimes we have no choice but to strip him and put him in the kitchen sink. I am glad we got the deep sink when we replaced ours, he fits perfectly! I have never been able to put my kids in the sink before and I feel like I have missed that mom joy that others have been able experience! Now I know! I love it.

Oliver's first time behind the wheel. Look at those Barney Rubble feet!

I couldn't let him loose for too long, he puts everything in his mouth, but he LOVED being free on the deck.

Eli the day after his accident. He needed his rest. It's hard work being accident/sick prone.
See this joy! It is real, people! It's fun to bathe kids in the sink!

Buy costumes on clearance, it the best play for boys. This week we learned about pretend and imagination and I am happy my children find most of their joy by playing pretend.
And their pretend can also be very serious and maybe go to far, like when Ezra is a mummy in a coffin.

I am THAT mom that lets her kids play in the yard in their jammies with boots. (This was after his injury and the only clothes we could get him in and out of without hurting him were feet jammies)