Friday, April 1, 2016

Fun fact Friday: "Ketch- up" with photos!

It has been nearly impossible to keep up with our lives these days and I am finding it hard to blog when I don't feel like I have much control over our lives these days. Marshall and I link our calendars together (through our phones) and we live by them! To the minute! Which doesn't leave us with much time to just "rest" what would that even feel like?

Here are a few fun facts from our lives lately.

-Oliver really didn't care for the swing. He wasn't like his brothers who both LOVED being pushed in the swing. Oliver just chilled.

-Marshall has been reading The Hardy Boys to the boys and they can't get enough of it. I love that they enjoy stories so much. Ezra, especially gets so wrapped up in these stories he begs all day for me to read ahead to the next chapter.

-I send the boys out when the weather is nice and this week, the boys collected black walnuts for their "Collection" Ezra likes to lay in the warm sun. I like his thinking.

-Oliver also got his very first haircut this week and it only seemed appropriate since he will be ONE tomorrow, WHATTTT??!! I know! I can't believe it, either!

-We hosted Easter at our house and it went great! 
I loved dressing my boys up in coordinating Easter church clothes and also being able to see all the other children at church wearing their cute little Easter clothes. My mom would buy my sisters and I a new dress for the holidays (or for whenever) and I still feel the need for a new dress for ...whenever!I blame my mom for making me a crazy dress hoarder.

-Ezra took his first piano lesson this week and he is so excited about it! We are practicing with him what hand is Left and what hand is Right and his "2-3-4 fingers" We are blessed to have such a sweet teacher for him and she was great with him! (I listened from the other room) I hope he sticks with piano much longer than I had. This is such a regret of mine. 

- I am TERRIBLE at being any type of cutesy or creative around the holidays for my kids. I absolutely rely on activities planned by the community or through our church or by friends to bail me out of coming up things to do for my kids around holidays, ie; St. Patty's day or Easter.
We didn't hunt for eggs and we dipped our toes and fingers in green paint and made a "green masterpiece" for St. Patty's day and you know what, THEY LOVED IT! 
I don't really feel like they are missing out on anything. 

- I took all the boys to get groceries with me last Friday and the Friday before Easter, it was a zoo! Every single person that passed us HAD to say something to me, about "having my hands full" or "you need one more.." or " all boys!".... But my boys were fantastic, they were all so well behaved, good listeners and great helpers. Eli was so excited about all of the ketchups, I had to take a picture! Ketchup is his favorite food and he eats it with anything! (Carrots...pot pie...anything!)
-Oliver gives REAL hugs! And they are tight and perfect!

-All of the boys have been playing TOGETHER! And enjoying it! They have been getting down on the floor and all been puppies with their tongues out and everything (even Oliver) Ezra is usually the mastermind behind their shenanigans but it is so entertaining and fun!

-The boys love doing experiments- they will usually try to do their own if I will let them. It usually ends up a complete disastrous mess but they love it. 
Here we did the milk experiment with food coloring and dawn soap. They loved it.

-They boys have had colds for the entire month of March. Colds that came and left ear infections in Eli and Oliver. Both of the boys needed nebulizer treatments for all the wheezing and coughing. I am scared to even admit that we may finally be on the mend from these nasty colds! We haven't been able to catch a break over here! I am hoping that once it warms up we can air out our home and get the boys some fresh air!

-Eli isn't the worst sleeper at night, but he also isn't the best. We picked him up this Daniel Tiger doll (his favorite guy) to remind him to sleep all night and to remind him to run to the potty "super fast" 
Daniel tiger is seriously saving us! We are getting more rest and haven't had any accidents in a long while! 

Last weekend, Marshall and I hauled out all of (most of all)the junk and scraps from our basement out into our garage. It was a LOT of work, but we are so happy to see our cluttered and messy basement a lot more organized and easier to navigate. We are making progress on some major projects that have been pushed off this past year. It always feels so good to get things checked off the list. 

We are looking forward to the weekend!
Oliver's First birthday is Saturday!

We are also looking forward to hearing talks that will be delivered by our church leaders through General Conference. It is always so uplifting and inspiring.

Have a great weekend!